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life: venting

i don't usually prescribe to putting my religious beliefs on this blog. this week has brought about so many thoughts & feelings on the subject of racism, religious persecution, & the end of the world that i feel like i need to get it out of my system.

the negativity of it all is very painful.

this is a note i posted elsewhere, & i wanted to share here as well.

i'm going to close the comments, as i'm sure such a hot topic is (sadly) just an open invitation to negative comments.

i can't even express how sad it makes me that people are so hateful. especially to strangers. especially to people in fear of their lives.

i check the weather for this weekend & obviously see everything about japan. as i scroll through to the end of the article i see the first of the comments. people in the wake of the entire ordeal reaching out & asking for prayers, while those who don't believe lashing out ignorant & hateful comments about how praying to a God who let this happen is stupid.

it absolutely breaks my heart.

regardless of WHAT you believe, and WHO you believe in, the spirit of it is the same. kindness & love. i'm not sure i fall under a religious label anymore, as i'm not sure what i believe anymore.

what i do know is that i believe in SOMETHING. i believe in a higher power & i believe in practicing selflessness. & i know i don't want to live in the black hole that is the absence of human decency.

i'm not sure i subscribe to the theories that the world is coming to an end, although the history of the earth's evolution suggests there is a constant ebb & flow of destruction & recreation. it is scary to think about it. truth is, i'm much more worried about the destruction of the modern world by greed, envy, hatred & reality shows (had to throw that in there to lighten it up!)

it's your right to believe in whatever you choose. i want the right to believe what i choose. all i am asking is that you learn to live without such hatred in your heart for those who's opinions differ from your own. on both sides of the fence. the christians who practically beat you over the head with their self-righteousness & condemn you for being sinners (when so aren't we all) make me just as ill as those who would mock people sending out prayers to those in need.

i hate to be so lame, but really.. can't we all just get along?

just a rant. had to get it out & as the babe would likely just look at me like i was crazy, i may as well vent here.

be back later with something a little crafty.
(just couldn't let this go this morning, it's been weighing heavy on my heart)

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