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recipe: fried rice & japanese white sauce

this week's culinary conquest. 

ps. this photo.. AGAIN not in auto. i'm pretty proud of myself. ya. i'm gonna pat myself on the back..

fried rice & white sauce or shrimp sauce.
(whatever you call it, it's like the ranch dressing of japanese food!!)

i've had this white sauce recipe printed out for few weeks now.. it just seemed like it wasn't going to happen. first i forgot the paprika. then i got that & we were out of sugar. then we had sugar, but needed mayo. so annoying.

proof of exactly why i need a grocery list to shop. i guess age + 2 kids does that to you!

there are MANY variations out there... i'm guessing that's probably because no restaurant willingly hands out their own recipe, so everyone comes up with a concoction of their own & puts it on the web.

i went with this one & doubled it.
(we like white sauce. kinda like.. alot)
i liked it as is. the hubs added a little more sugar & ginger to his.
either way, it's soo close to what we've had here locally & good enough for us.

& the fried rice. easy peasy.
i read a bunch of how-to's online & then just nixed them all & went for it.
(no step by step pictures though. the hands were too busy!)

4 cups day old white rice
2 eggs
salt & pepper to taste
dash of garlic powder
frozen peas & carrots
soy sauce
oil for stir frying

1. add a little oil to the pan. whisk eggs, garlic powder, salt & pepper. add eggs to pan & scramble. remove eggs from pan.
2. add more oil to the pan. add the rice. stir to break up the clumps.
3. once the rice is warmed through, add peas & carrots (as much as you like) & soy sauce to taste.
4. add the eggs back to the pan & serve hot :)

hey.. if I can do ityou can :)

the hubs says now that i conquered the white sauce sushi is next.
any advice on THAT one?! :)


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  1. Yum- love fried rice! Can't say I've tried the white sauce before though. May have to try it. Thanks for linking up to my Catch a Glimpse party!

  2. Thanks again for the Spanish Pork chops! I lost my original recipe but yours is very close to mine. I lived in Tampa FL and a lot of Hispanics shared some great food!


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