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diy: kid emergency box

do you have one of those friends who is ALWAYS prepared for anything...
especially when it comes to being out with her kids?
i do.
(don't ya just hate them for having it together...!!)

i'm kidding. (sort of :)

my bf is prepared for EVERYTHING.
i tease her about it, but she's got it together...
& although a day trip has her packing everything but the kitchen sink..
MORE than once she's saved us by having some obscure item i'd never think to pack.
(this applies to swimming trips as well.. she truly makes me ill)

me on the other hand...
even though i'm a fanatical organizer & lister..
i manage to usually leave something behind..
within the first three months after the babe was born i forgot formula for him.. TWICE.
i've thought.. 'oh hey it's just a short trip i won't need that' more than once.
like when the dude was little..
i can't tell you how many new outfits he got while i was out.. 
because i figured i didn't need a second or third set of clothes since he was toddler...
and it never failed..
i'd find myself in the bathroom at target with his butt under the sink while the bf paid for new clothes..
(oh and there was the time we had to find a target because his diaper leaked at a craft show!)
so not fun.
i've tried to learn from the bf.
tried to take on her 'pack it all' way of thinking.. 
but the truth is..
if i have plans to go to target for an hour with the babe..
i usually just put him in the carrier & go.
bad. bad. bad.
i know.

but i have a plan for myself.
because i can be prepared at least once, right?
(truthfully, i do carry more for the babe if we are going to be out longer)

so here it is.
my 'kid emergency box'.

the idea is to have stuff you may need in a 'kid' emergency.
ya know...
blow-out diapers
potty accidents
drinks spilled
wet clothes
cuts & scrapes

obviously your box would be tailored to your kids & your needs..
this is ours..

the first aid kit is something i always used to carry.
seems like as long as i carried it, i never needed it.
if it was smart to put formula & a bottle in here, i totally would..
but i doubt the heat is good for it. :)

that's also why i put the liquid items in a little sandwich baggie..
always better safe than sorry..
(see i'm even prepared for them to explode in the summer heat!)

stick it in the back of your car & your good to go.
just don't be like me..
remember to change out the diapers as your child changes sizes :)


ps.. even as i feel super proud & prepared..
i'm sure the bf is reading this thinking of all the things i should be packing in here..
 i'm telling you.. all but the kitchen sink people! :)

**edited: see she was the first to comment!! lol..**

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  1. I'm really glad to see you are prepared! Just remember, I'll be there with the things you forgot! =)

  2. great idea!! {and i'm not hating you for being more prepared than me}--connie,

  3. Great idea! I remember emergencies with my kids when they were little where this would have been a life-saver!!

    I'd love to have you share this at my For the Kids Friday Link Party! Still time to post before the next one opens later this week. We have lots of fun ideas there... come check it out!!

  4. I like you think a short trip doesn't require a lot, so I just don't bother with it! I think I will definitely do this.

  5. As a mom to three, I'm gonna say - this is a smart idea!!


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