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life: not fair

i don't buy into the idea that we should take a trip during spring break.
i know it's for some people....
but the few times we've tried to go somewhere in my life, it's been a crazy mess.
because EVERYONE is trying to go somewhere at the same time.
beach. theme park. pool.

i'm not about the crowds at all.
(never have been)
so spring break is always kinda low-key.
last year when i was working the dude spent the week with nana & papa.
swimming. gardening with nana. hanging out with papa.

this year we've stayed at home mostly.
(the hubs is working all week.. bummer)
but i figured it'd break up the week & give the dude a little fun by going to nana's again.
we spent the night tuesday night & last night.
with full intentions to go swimming.
i got swimmie diapers &  mom bought a float for the dude.

this is pretty much as far as we got.
(ya. notice who was the lucky one who had to go in to the get pictures .. ME!)

the babe never made it in past his waist. nana never made it in past her ankles.
 i actually got in the pool, but never got wet above my waist
& the dude only swam back & forth a few times before deciding it was just too dang cold.
it was 72 which is pretty much what the springs around here are when we go swimming..
but added to the slightly cool day it was just not happening.

 at first the babe was totally not thrilled... . then he calmed down just a bit & then when the dude started kicking as he swam he was REALLY OVER IT. the dude was splashing icy cold water on his little back & he was MAD.

and this poor little guy.. he fought for 3 days to go swimming.
started calling nana & papa on monday to check the pool temp.
he called a couple times a day... i'm sure they are glad they taught him their phone number!
he swam back & forth a few times..
& then decided he was waaaay too cold & over the shivering..

he said it was not fair that it was so cold.
i totally agree.
spring break should not having you waking up to temps in the 60s.
(at least in florida)

swimming will have to wait a few more weeks.

ps. i totally dropped the ball on st. patrick's day. the dude didn't seem all that interested & we were just going to be hanging out at home.. so i figured why bother?

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