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recipe: pioneer woman's sour cream noodle bake

(photo from

 i saw this recipe for sour cream noodle bake on whipperberry the other day...
& followed the link to pioneer woman's website...
& decided i'd give it a go.

i'd say it was a success in our house.

surprisingly the hubs liked it, even though he was scared when i said there was cottage cheese in it.
i substituted the egg noodles for dreamfields low carb penne pasta.

it doesn't taste like you think it might.
i certainly wouldn't file it under 'italian' food even though it's got tomato sauce in it..
& you can't pick out the cottage cheese in the noodles, it just melts right in..

& anything that doesn't make it through lunch the next day as leftovers is a winner in my book.
even the dude gobbled it up, despite the scary amount of pepper in it! (scary for me anyways)


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  1. Hey Kristy - love, love, LOVE your new banner!
    And a little P-dub, you know I love that too! I've been carrying around a copy of the bowtie pasta salad recipe she posted recently....I think I'm makin' it for a luncheon friday....we really do think alike!
    Have a great one!


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