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life: time out

it's..... 2:45am.
it's been a long weekend.. long but mostly good.
i'll include friday in the weekend.. just because i can.

i'm feeling extremely blessed again...for no particular reason.

after watching harry potter & the deathly hallows part 1 friday night..
i went into put some uniforms in the wash for the hubs at about midnight..
only to find that our deep freezer was completely defrosted & with about $70 worth of ruined meat inside..
add to that the frozen RED punch that had leaked all in the freezer seeping out onto the garage floor.
ya, cleaning that up at 1am was so not ideal.
but i just accepted it for what it was instead of worrying over the fact we just lost all that food.  

(the babe & the bf's daughter crashed out during our shopping trip..)
one of the biggest things i miss about working, is seeing my best friend everyday.
i miss it something fierce. 
we may have not always been working side by side or chatting all day,
but i miss seeing & talking to her everyday
(she is so not a phone person.. but neither am i)
saturday the hubs was working, so the bf & i ventured out to a flea market..
which ended up being totally lame..
as well as a discount warehouse..
totally lame..
then we hit up the mall & stocked up on goodies from bath & body works..
and just hung out.
it was so nice.
eventhough we had three kids in tow.. one of which was a totally whiny 6 year old...
it was just nice to hang out.

my mind has been pretty occupied this weekend, though my body has been busy.
i have a heavy heart.
a girl from where i worked, who is my age.. lost her mom friday.
she is one of the sweetest, most geniune people & my heart is breaking for her.
she is one of those people who never seems to catch a break..
i know her relationship with her mom was not unlike mine with my own mom...
& i can't even begin to comprehend how she is making it through this...
i feel horrible because i know nothing that can be said or done will help...
& all i wish i could do was just take it back for her..
i sobbed a good portion of the day friday for her..
i felt like the only thing i could do was call my loved ones & tell them that i loved them..
because things can go from good to bad just like that.
so i called my dad & my brother... two people who i love very much.. but never actually TELL them.
(my mom.. she knows.. i tell her more frequently)
& i even called my best friend, who is SO not a lovey-dovey touchy-feely kinda person & told her..
in a joking... ha ha.. i'm crazy... i love you...kinda way.
life moves fast & unexpectedly sometimes..
& i just feel like i just have to stop & take a breath right now.


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