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recipe: bacon cheeseburger rice

say what?
 that's what you are thinking, right? 
if it is then you'd be like the hubs & the dude.  
especially when they saw their plates!  

is that pickles on top? 
why yes, yes it is!
and yes. this is a crappy cell phone picture.
in my 'i'm gonna eat my shoe in a minute' state, this was all i got before i shoveled it in my mouth.
i know. i am so lazy.
but please don't judge this delicious dish on my crappy photo.

see this one is a MUCH better visual representation of how it tastes.

so obviously i can't claim rights to the recipe because it's totally not mine.
but i did think to myself  'hmm, i wonder if you could make cheeseburger rice?'
cause you know, it was getting close to payday...
& i was about out of everything except for cheese, rice & ground beef!
 you know google is a girl's best friend.
well, for a girl like me who has no talent for concocting recipes.
so that's what i did.

and here is where i landed.

and you are gonna love the crunchy, salty pieces of pickles.
it totally makes this dish!
trust me, skip the hamburger helper (gag!) and make this.


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