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life: hello summer

don't you hate those people who never update their blog?

ya. me too.

but. i have a good excuse.
and i'll tell ya all about it later.

right now i'm working on figuring out how to keep the dude entertained this summer.
because if i have to hear 'i'm SO bored' more than i already hear it on the weekends.
i'll promptly pull on the hubs ear muffs he uses at the shooting range & never pull them off.

i'm using this summer boredom buster from somewhat simple as a starting point,
then adjusting it to what works for us.

we are definetly going to be making crafts..
and trips to the library.
the dude has a goal of 10 books during the summer, so that he can join in on a popsicle party at school next year!

he also is showing interest in golf & bowling,
so i'm going to try and encourage those things this summer.
we have a driving range not far from our house (we are in search of kid-sized clubs)
and i signed up here at AMF bowling for free coupons for bowling for him.
just click & sign up for free coupons for all kids under 17 all summer!

our lego party was a success... mostly.
more about that soon, promise!
after a whirlwind weekend i'm trying to get my bearings back.
last day of school today!
promise to have that lego party post up soon! :)


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