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recipe: horchata

feliz cinco de mayo!

we don't normally do anything to recognize the day..
but it seemed like a good idea today!

i made taco's for dinner,
(of course the dude was thrilled... he's one burrito lovin' boy!)
and then decided to try making horchata.

i've never had horchata before..
but when i saw marcela valladolid one morning on food network..
i kinda mentally dog-eared the idea to make at a later date.
today seemed sorta like the perfect time to make it.
i've seen other recipes that call for rice, but this one calls for rolled oats..
the dude & i are oatmeal eaters, so i thought i'd give it a go.

oh. YUM!

you can get the recipe here
so so easy to make..
and delicious!
especially if you like oatmeal & cinnamon!

gonna go fight the dude for the last glass!

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