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recipe: garlic parmesan green beans

it's really no secret in my family that i'm not much of a vegetable eater.
(i'm thinking i can blame that one on dad, who gags at the sight of peas)
i'm good with some raw veggies... lettuce, onions, cucumbers, carrots, celery, green peppers..
you know your regular everyday ones..
but the cooked list is waay shorter... green beans, carrots, onions, peas, broccoli, corn...
and ya. that's pretty much it.
OH! and i like green peppers, but only raw.
drives the hubs insane!

and i hate to admit it, but we have always been a canned vegetable kinda family.
the fresh stuff too often goes bad before we can consume it.
& that's just what my mom always bought, so it's what i always bought.
but in the past few months i've been DEVOURING bags of frozen broccoli & edamame like nobody's business.
so when the hubs wanted to bring home a 5lb bag of frozen green beans this week, i was like..
SURE!! let's do this thing!
(ok, maybe it was more like a 'if you want them' kinda response)

so panic sorta set in today when i decided to try and cook these guys..
i mean.. the most i've ever done to green beans is added in salt pork.
what the heck was i supposed to do with fresh, green, lovely long beans that weren't cooked & sealed in a can full of liquid with ginormous amounts of salt?

so i turned to pinterest.
who knew there were so many ways to cook green beans?!
i swear i may have lived under a rock before now.

so here's what i went with tonight.
paired with a honey glazed ham & some scalloped potatoes..
the hubs said it was the best dinner i had made in quite awhile.
(oh really, thanks for the compliment, jerk!)
but he hardly batted an eye when i hopped online & ordered the newest sookie book from walmart..
(no, i don't have it yet! i'm not paying $10 more plus gas to get to the bookstore, so i have to sit with a pouty face & wait because the local 'marts don't have it yet!)

back to the beans.
garlic parmesan green beans to be exact.
i mean really, how could you not want to try something with garlic & cheese on it?!
(picture from a sweet pea chef's blog, we ate ours too fast to snap off a picture!)
soooooo i didn't get a picture of ours...
partly because we were literally eating them off the plate before we sat down to eat..
and also because i just didn't want to stop licking the spoon with the ham glaze on it long enough to get my camera.
don't judge me!

but here's a picture from the blog that i got the recipe off of..
& here is a link to the recipe itself.

so, frozen may not exactly be fresh..
but it's one step closer than the canned crap.

so long canned green beans. you've been replaced!


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  1. So glad you enjoyed my recipe, Kristy! Thanks again for the link :)


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