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life: misadventures of summer

i need to have a little talk with irony.
ya know, cause when i set out for wednesday's to be an adventure..
it was about walking somewhere new & being outside exploring!
maybe i should have called them 'exploring wednesdays' instead... maybe it's my fault.

now i won't get overly dramatic with you, cause in the end both situations turned out okay.
but at the time, they seemed a little intense...
but i guess that's how all incidents go, right?

so yesterday we had 3 of the members of c4 (the bf's family) over..
we set out to tie dye shirts for the fourth..
let the kids play in the sprinklers..
and catch the bf up on the season 4 opener for true blood (just her & i of course)

did you know, it's darn near impossible to monitor a 7, 5 & 3 year old while they tie dye & take pictures?
well, just in case you were curious... it is.
therefore we have no 'during pictures'.
the bf & i were up to our elbows in liquid dye, while trying to keep the kids from squirting the stuff all willy nilly.
(yes, i said willy nilly!)

and talk about deflating...
it didn't really occur to me that these things would have to sit for 6-8 hours afterwards.
so much for immediate gratification.
thankfully the kids were hungry & eager to play outside, so they didn't notice much.

the sponge water bombs got another beating.
& only one came apart..
the one i had set aside to re-tie that sneaky fingers mcgee (aka cogan) snatched up before i realized it.
they didn't really seem to care about that though as they hurtled the little strips of sponge across the yard at each other.

and little miss calla was stuck in the midst of these two crazy boys.
she just kinda stood still & waited for them to move away each time they got close.
she's a pretty smart girl :)

so after a short break for a snack, the boys went back to pummeling each other with the sponges.
calla was apparently tired of getting in the crossfire & wanted out.

isn't she a doll baby?! :)

i love the dirty little feet with pink glitter nail polish.
she is SO her mommy made over!

so everything was going well until the dude tried to escape a bucket full of water cogan was launching towards him..
he tried to jump over the edge of the little pool, & only got one foot cleared..

can you guess what happened next?

he tripped & fell, landing his chin square on the sidewalk in front of the house.
he landed right where they put those stress breaks in the concrete..
which left him with a nice gaping hole the size of a BB pellet.
both the bf & i were fairly certain he'd need a stitch or two.
so a quick change out of our soggy clothes & the dude & i were on our way to the doctor's office.

in the end he MAY have needed a stitch, but because the skin around the wound was all chewed up as well..
the doctor figured a stitch wouldn't hold..
i was certainly more than okay with not having to go through that, as was mason!
by the time we left the doctors office he was more concerned about whether or not cogan would still have time to play when we got back!

when we got home, dada (the booboo fixer in our house) cleaned it up & got it all bandaged.

isn't it funny how kids think they can't move something when they get a band aid on it?
it's been interesting to watch him try & eat.
he's perfectly capable of opening his mouth..
he just thinks he needs to use the babe's spoon for portion control... :)

so three wednesday's into the summer & two of them have been MORE than an adventure.
heat exhaustion. giant gash in the dude's chin.
and that's not to mention all the bumps & bruises the babe has from just crawling!
sheesh. at this rate we are in for serious injury before the end of the summer!
(hopefully nothing like my seriously sprained ankle @ 8 months pregnant in the middle of july!)
here's to positive thinking & possible full-body padding for both my boys!!!!


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