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diy: sponge balls

i got to tell ya.... water balloons got nothin' on these jokers!
i've seen this idea a hundred times over.

there are a few different takes on how many sponges to use..
what to use to tie them up...

well. here's how we did it... :)

sponge balls (aka water bombs)

-2 kitchen sponges per ball
-fishing line

1. cut each sponge in half lengthwise.

2. cut each half in half again lengthwise.

i cut up all the pieces ahead of time so the dude could help assemble them. 

and of course what does he want to do when i bring him out...
he says 'watch i can make spongebob!'..
and so he did. :)

3. stack 2 layers of alternating colors, 4 pieces wide. (this is the part i had him do)

4. take your fishing line & wrap it around the middle of the sponges. pull as tight as you can. put one side of the string through the other & pull tight to keep secure. run the two ends back around to the other side & loop again. bring the two ends around & back up the first side & tie off with several knots.

i know the above tying seems excessive...
but just trust me & do it.
i did it on all but the first one, and that was the only one to fall apart during play.
the fishing line is tricky to keep tight on itself.
(some tutorials said zip ties, which i think may hurt if you get beaned with it...
and string may rot... rubber bands may be the next best thing..)

and above you have the before...
and below the after...

a wet, dirty mess..
but i tell ya.. they were pretty dang fun.
the dude was pretty disappointed when the next door neighbor kids weren't home to play with them when we finished..
so, i did the only thing a mama can in that situation..
i picked up a sponge ball & and launched it at him!
the water wasn't so bad.. but the dirt was kinda gross.
he had soo much fun once the kids next door were home to play with!
(i think we are going to have to make more!!)


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  1. this is a great idea!!! thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh how fun! A don't have all the water balloon mess to pick up afterwards! I am your newest follower and I would LOVE it if you followed me back! Super cute blog!

  3. such an awesome craft! and enjoyable for the whole family. Thanks so much for sharing! Now I can't wait to try it out myself. Maybe some red, white & blue ones for the weekend festivies.

  4. These are awesome!!! I'm totally making these and sneak attacking my nieces and nephews with them. Thank you so much for the brilliant idea!

  5. Fun idea! I agree, they are much better than water balloons! Thanks for sharing!


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