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recipe: creamsicle float

i did a bad thing a few weeks ago..
well not really... but i hoarded something from the dude.
the last bit of orange soda.
shame on me, right?!

but i had good reason.
i never EVER have vanilla ice cream in the house..
mostly because it's just kinda blah, and if you are going to do ice cream, get the good stuff..
but mainly because i'm a diet root beer drinker..
and having vanilla ice cream & root beer together in my house is bad.
because i will gobble it up like nobodies business...
& it will end up permenantly residing on my hips.

so here i sat with this half eaten carton of vanilla ice cream...
and this tiny bit of orange soda that i had hidden from the dude...
having just made the creamsicle frozen dessert for my mama for mother's day..
and it hit me.
why not a creamsicle float?

i know, it's not like i concocted some genius recipe.
i mean i poured orange soda in a cup & added some ice cream.
but as many creamsicle recipes i've seen on blogs & pinterest..
i've not yet seen this... and it's so good.

obviously, a love of creamsicles, orange soda & ice cream are required.
it seems like the perfect summer drink for kiddos..
or mama's who hoard orange soda from their small children! :)

just don't follow my lead & put too much soda into your cup..
because when your yummy drink spills out over onto the edge...
 you will actually find yourself contemplating whether or not to lick it off the counter..
rather than wiping it up...
orrr.... maybe that's just me.

at any rate, it's goooood.
(like lime sherbet & sprite kinda good)

big plans for the week.
couple of crafts...
couple of new recipes...
(does anyone have a good recipe for seared tuna?)
and a trip this weekend to cocoa beach, to my brother's generous in-laws house.
family, fun & sun :)

what's up your sleeve this week?


ps. on a crazy side note, spell check wanted me to change 'creamsicle' to 'crepuscular' which apparently has something to do with resembling twilight or occurring during twilight. random?

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  1. This sounds delightful!

  2. my hubby would LOVE this...might have to surprise him on a hot day.
    thanks for sharing...i love hearing about all your cool ideas and enjoy that you share the messes too. {huuuugs}


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