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life: he says mama

he turned 9 months old yesterday...
for the last week he's been saying.. 'naaanaaaaa naaaanaaaa'
... which technically means that nana wins..
but in the mama vs. dada world.. I WIN! :)
my little man started first thing this morning with 'mamamamamama'
then it got a little shorter, and a little shorter.
i figured i wouldn't count it until he said it just once 'mama'
then while i was in the other room talking on the phone with my mom i heard it.
one short sweet 'mama'.
so of course then it counted & i had to video it. :)
oh and send it to the hubs & claim my victory!
... who of course claimed he couldn't hear him OVER THE PHONE say 'mama'.

and promptly after setting him on the ground to play mason crowned him with a set of mickey ears...
during which rance said 'mama' and mason followed with 'uhm, i think he's telling on me!'
if he only knew.

remind me of this moment in a year or so when i'm tired of hearing 'mama' hollered from two different directions m'kay? thanks :)

have a great weekend!

ps. no. i didn't hold my kid upside down to video him. but apparently i held my phone that way.


  1. so stinkin' cute! oh yes....when they can both talk, they will only do so at the same time...just so you know. =)
    hope you're having a good weekend!

  2. kristy! that's so wonderful!! and you are so wise to tape it!!! wish I had done more of that :o)


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