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life: our summer schedule

it's 10pm, & somehow it feels like it should only be 7.
i hate how time flies in the summer, don't you?

but time isn't the only thing that flies in the summer...
the hubs cut the grass today & the little debris is flying in & around my head stuffing up my nose & making me CRR-AAZY!!
and i absolutely sound like 'sicky vicky' from 'so random'.
(please tell me i'm not the only one who forgets to change the tv from disney after the dude has gone to bed & finds themselves watching shows they wouldn't otherwise subject themselves too?! PLEASE?!)

my runny nose was the buzz kill to my afternoon plans.
i was inspired after seeing this crafty mama's latest embroidery project...
and wanted to sketch & work on something.. ya know.. since i've finally put to rest the legos..
but 4 tissues later i realized it just wasn't gonna happen.


so i finished working on my summer schedule for the dude.

again it was totally inspired by somewhat simple's boredom buster post here.

we don't have a lot of money to spend on gas, or trips, not unlike many families right now.. so i'm trying to make the best of what we have to keep him entertained, while still trying to keep up with the babe.

monday- make something. i have a list of kid crafts i want to work on with him.. and SOMETIMES he likes to help me cook/bake. planning ahead for both of these will help me make sure i have the needed items on hand. i also have an OLD (read: as a dinosaur. like was mine when i was a kid) science project book we are going to try & do some experiments from. float vs. sink stuff & the like.

tuesday- t.v. time out. ok. i'm just gonna say the thing you're not supposed to say. I LIKE MY TV ON. LIKE ALL THE TIME. even if i'm reading. even if i'm cleaning. even if i'm not watching it. it's a bad habit, & i've probably scarred my children for life. i like peace & quiet.. don't get me wrong. but after having kids.. the silence kinda creeps me out. even if it's music, i gotta have something on. (i get that deafening silence thing where my ears ring.. ) SO. with that said. i'm making an effort to have a tv free day. we are going to take more trips to the library, & make time to read. the dude has a goal of 10 books during the summer to join in on a popsicle party next school year & i would like to knock out some of my 'want to read' list. win-win, right?

wednesday-walkabout. we live in a pretty suburban area.. BUT we live in an area that has lots of wooded areas, as well as a trail head. the dude loves to go for walks & collect treasures. we've slacked off some since it's gotten increasingly more hot, but we are going to make an effort to take some early morning adventure walks.

thursday-time to play. i am pretty sure i said this before.. but we signed up for AMF coupons for the summer. (you can too, here) the dude has a horrible fear of failure, and can't hardly overcome it in front of people. so i've decided to work some of the sore-loser out of him. he also wants to learn how to play golf (:::yawn::: the things we do for our kids!) so i have plans to take him to the range down the road a few times this summer. AND of course we can't forget board games. cause we're all about some candyland & uno around these parts! :)

friday- somewhere fun. again. not a ton of money to venture out, but fortunately for me, going to nana's is like a vacation for the dude. she has a pool & that's where his 4 wheeler is stored... she's got lots of property & family around her.. so he goes off on his own little mini adventures by himself. we've got a great little playground down the road we don't visit often enough (mostly because i have an irrational fear of someone being able to snatch him up.. and by myself with the babe I can't keep up with him) so we are going to try and make a few trips there as well. plans to possibly visit papa at his work (he's got a job little boys LOVE!) and maybe a play date or two!

so that's my plan. feel free to copy the picture & use it if you like. the dude is one of those busy kids that likes to know everything, so i am printing it out to put on the fridge. ya know, so i don't have to answer a million questions about what we are doing today. :)

hope you had a great weekend! :)


ps. anyone else having problems with blogger? i can't leave comments on most blogger blogs & my followers list isn't showing up. any ideas? help is appreciated! :)

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