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book: black dagger brotherhood series

uhm...... hi.
remember me?
i'm the one who used to post about summer trips & crafts & food.
i'm still here.
i'm just.. well...

let's just be honest here, okay?
i'm totally absorbed in a book series & i just can't help myself.
every free second is spent page turning.
but, ya know. that's nothing new for me.
i have a bad habit of getting into a book & then reading it at full speed until i'm done.
it's just tripled and quadrupled when it's a series... 'cause it doesn't stop for a few days..

so ya. that's where i've been.
on the couch. in the car. on the back porch. while the babe is taking a bath.
i've had my nose in those books.

what books?
oh heck, ya know what, i'm just going to tell you.
because i'm all about honesty here.
and you already know i have a vamp obsession, what with true blood, vampire diaries & twilight...
what's one more nail in my coffin, so to speak.
i figure life is too short to be worried about what people think about what ya read.
and.... if you are like me, and semi-obsessed with vamp lit...
heck, maybe you'll what to give 'em a go yourself.

if you like vampire books.. and uhm.. romance, or 'smut' as my friends & i call it..
you are SO gonna love these.
my friend yvonne has been trying to get us to read these forever..
i can't believe i resisted so long...
although i'm pretty sure it was under the notion that nothing could be as good as my beloved twilight, or sookie books.
ya. total miscalculation of the century.
like i told my friend steph..
holy hell we have graduated from teen twilight, and gone WAY beyond anything i ever blushed about sookie doing, this is REAL grown-up stuff!

and before you wince at the fact that i'm going on & on about vampire romance books.
know this... i'm still just a normal stay at home mama.
i just happened to have a inclination towards supernatural smut. :)

oh ya.
and aside from the romance part of it..
it really is a good magical read.
if you're someone who can get into a book about another world.
with different rules.
and a TOTALLY different take on vampires.
ya just have to get past the names.
trust. let it go, it'll grow on you. :)
& you'll be laughing out loud.
a word to the wise...
it's definitely not for you if you can't get passed language.
'cause, in a word.. some parts are just down right vulgar.
vampires. drugs. death. ya know...
ya. vulgar.

let me know if ya pick it up, or if you are already in love!
i'm resisting diving into book 6 today..
i've read 5 books in 6 days.
(i even totally missed going to bed one night. seriously.
24 hrs up, with a babe & 7 year old to take to a party. crazy much?!)



  1. Yes, you are crazy much and I saw that will all the love and respect because I was there with the twilight series. for 2 years my girlfriends kept pushing me into them but i dug in my heels, not wanting to conform, thinking it was stupid. um, finally decided to take the plunge and plowed thru all 4 in 2.5 weeks. yeah, kinda lost track of my life, and my hubby was patient with me while i finished. not exactly sure if i ever fed my kids during that time (haha, kidding)!
    but since then, no more vamp stories. i have to stay away from the 'smut' if i can, not that i don't enjoy it...but you know, don't need my mind wandering in real life. so i still to more light hearted stuff.
    so don't feel bad, and thanks for checking in pal! glad to know you've been enjoying yourself.
    hope you're having a good day girl!

  2. wow, could there be more typos in my comment?
    how many can you find??? =)


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