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life: 1st birthday theme

sometimes stepping back & focusing is a good thing... right?
or maybe i should say..... obsessing instead?
ya. i'm obsessing...
i mean.. you only get ONE first birthday right?
& it's coming quicker than i'd like to admit!
i was fairly sure i was going to have a knights & dragon's party for the babe..
my aunt set me on that path because she calls the babe 'sir rancelot'.
cute, right?
but tough. so tough.
i mean. everything just seemed too grown up.
i couldn't get a handle on the vibe.
...and ya.. i realize that probably sounds silly..
but what i mean is that stuff wasn't jiving for me..
food, decorations, colors, games, favors... all that stuff.
and i thought it was just because i was coming off of a post-birthday high with the lego birthday..
but when it didn't subside i knew i was in trouble..

and that's where the birthday express catalog stepped in.
up until mason's lego birthday, i was all about avoiding the themed birthdays..
i like the non-character, build from scratch birthdays..
but truth is.. sometimes those are hard.
original. fun. but hard.
so, as i flipped through the catalog, just because.....
ya know, i can't toss it out without looking at it first..
i found like 4 different themes i liked.
a lil' rebel one with argyle & skulls.. blues & blacks..
a dinosaur one..
an owl one... which i had already contemplated before...
and then the one that, after a little digging online..
i decided i just couldn't NOT do...

just a little something i whipped up...
any guesses as to what it might be?
i'm SO excited!! :)


ps. back tomorrow with some crafty posts... i think the dry spell has left me..
wellllllll.. maybe it's just that i ran out of smut to read... ya. i'm thinking that's it. :)

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  1. oo-oo-oo i know!! pick me pick me! could you, would you?


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