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1. the dude totally crashed in the car on the first day of school. my not so little second grader!
2. the pick up line the second day of school. add rain & unprepared parents & the total wait time was 55 minutes!
3. the babe loves his nanners. and i totally have to hold back the gag reflex everytime my finger slips into the soft flesh. yuck!
4. third day of school i gave up on the fancy cookie cutters. and the hopes of the kid eating an entire sandwich. chocolate frosting with directions & he still wouldn't obey! the ziploc containers are working out well, but a soggy, smushed, icing covered sandwich is still kinda sorta gross to clean up!
5. the babe is so not digging his new early morning routine. you do not wake a sleeping baby..
6. happy hour for mamas. one route 44 sprite to combat 95 degree weather & two hyper school aged boys. (picking up the bf's son cogan this year)
7. deconstructing dr. seuss books. i kept hearing 'no disassemble number 5' in my head! :)
8. please tell me i'm not the only one who relies on their cell phone camera to remember things they want to buy later?!
9. this little guy has figured out how to get his little diapered butt up on the couch. he just sits up there sucking his thumb & watching mickey mouse clubhouse like he owns the place!!
10. i had high hopes that ONE of my kids would like eggs. at this particular point in time.. looks like i'm gonna have to hang that one up for a little while longer..
11. the birthday party crafts are near completion..

i cheated on molome.
i know, i know!
so fickle i am!
but, it wanted me to upload all these pictures to access new features..
i mean, c'mon.. dangling the feature in front of me..
and then covering it up with a giant lock is JUST NOT FAIR!!

so i found a new photo app..
called tubo.
annnddd aside from having to register to upload to facebook..
(said with the angel choir playing the background! :)
and frankly.. i don't like uploading via them.
because then it doesn't show up in my mobile albums on facebook..
and i kinda like that.

so that was last week.
i find myself pulling my phone out to take more pictures now..
and i kinda like it..
annnddd, at the same time..
it totally has me on hiatus from my nikon.
boo :(
but birthday pictures are in order..
so i'm gonna fix that soon! :)

off to check more off my to-do list.
birthday crafting is in full swing! :)

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  1. I love these little glimpses into your life right now. I think these will be the favorite posts to look back on some day. Thanks for sharing. And glad Mason (and Momma) survived the first day of school.


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