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i'm sitting here on the couch, trying to find the motivation to do something, anything...
i REALLY wanted to soak in the weather...
i am still recovering from the weekend's lack of sleep & partying..
i figured i deserved a nap in the hubs reclining chair on the back porch while the wind was blowing
& it was raining..
sounds ideal right?
couldn't wait for the babe to go down for his nap..
and then of course it stopped raining..
AND got about as stagnant & humid as a puddle in a swamp!

so i decided i'd update with cellphone pictures from last week.
i'm still totally loving this method of capturing the day to day..
i don't feel like i'm missing out on as much..

1. seriously contemplating saving some micheals or joann's 40% off coupons for this creepy old guy. i love this time of year in stores.. halloween decor makes my heart sing! :)

2. my new obsession/weakness. i know i'm probably late to this party.. but i'm really not much of a candy bar girl. or candy at all in general. (ice cream is my kryptonite!) but, true story.. i needed to break a $20 to get cash to pay for the dudes soccer registration, and so i picked it up. i may or may not have had a total of 3 this week. shame shame on me.. i blame it on party planning stress (and frequent grocery store visits!)

3. the dude has some SERIOUS homework for the first time. writing sentences. while he is completely capable of doing his demand writing, having to use a particular word in a sentence was a new thing for him, and understandably a little difficult. hopefully it's a little easier for him this week. (oh, and a fractions worksheet.. does his teacher know his mother gets hives looking at fractions?! how dare she!)

4. made giada's italian baked chicken & pastina. o.m.g. is there ANYTHING that smells more heavenly than sauteing garlic & onions in butter?! i think not!

5. play time with the babe. part of my 'be present' mind set. so funny to watch him freak out when i stack his blocks.. he DOES NOT like it!
6. pricing soccer gear @ kmart.. i walked down an aisle & caught site of these ketchup flavored chips.. i remember a time not so long ago i actually dipped plain ruffles in ketchup. i'm not sure ketchup flavored chips would replace that experience!
7. new pick up line is lame. last two years we had pick up in front of the school & were in & out in a heartbeat.. this year my big second grader got shifted to the back car line & as they have buses to load first it takes F O R E V E R!
8. making extra weekly trips to the grocery store for milk. we are now a 2 gallon a week family, and with a fridge the size of a beverage cooler, that means mid-week milk pick ups. it's my 15 minutes of mommy time. i'm also trying to grow out my bangs, and they are just long enough now they are always in my eyes & driving me crazy.. i'll spare you the bobby pinned bad hairdo i usually sport at home! :)
9. serious conversations overheard from a 5 & 7 year old. the dude explaining to cogan how your soul & your body are different... and how his papa's soul went to heaven.. his method of explanation?! tom & jerry & tom's trip through the pearly gates via golden steps. i seriously had to hold in the laughter, it was such a heavy convo for two little ones. followed shortly by the dude asking if your brain was you telling you what to do, and your heart was God telling you what to do... smart boy that one..
10. cheater's dinner after a day of last minute shopping for the babe's party. publix rotisserie chicken & stauffer's mac & cheese. total comfort food.
11. pecan caramel turtles. via pinterest. for the babe's party.
12. the babe, chowing down on his smash cake at this party. he was totally into it. he pretty much devoured most of it. i think he is still.. uhm.. giving me the gift of red food coloring back.. 2 days later!

i promise to post pictures soon of the babe's party..
just have to get myself & my household back in working order first! :)


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  1. im loving this new update idea you're doing. it's a list and photos...perfection! conversations about Jesus, a pic of you, birthday cake...LOVE IT ALL! and i cannot wait to see pics from the party...i'll be pinning like crazy!


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