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life: iphone envy

i do try to live my life without thinking the grass is greener on the other side.
really, i do.
but sometimes, this side just looks ugly and brown......
 & no amount of squinting your eyes is going to make the green magically appear.

but before you think i'm rambling on about something significant, i'm just going to come right out with it.
i hate you iPhone users.
i hate you iPad owners.
i hate you fourth or fifth generation iPod touch people.
i hate you all.
because i'm a little 3 year old stomping my feet in a tantrum.
i'm completely jealous of you.
no matter how much my husband tries to convince me that android is better..
i AIN'T buying it.

and honestly.. forget all the techie crap..
because lord knows as long as the darn thing fires up & works when i want it to,
i could give a lick about the specs on it.
i don't speak geek in that sense..

here's why i'm really jealous.
1. i have an iPod touch. a first generation (ie. older than dirt in tech years) it does not have a camera on it like the new ones do. it does not have an external speaker on it like the new ones do. therefore new is better, and i'm as petty as a toddler in a tantrum to say so.

2. all the cool apps are iPhone. all the semi-cool apps for android are copycats & not near as impressive. (i don't care how you try to justify it to yourself android lovers, it just ain't the same!)

and these two:
julie of joy's hope & christina padilla?
ya, they ain't makin' it any easier on a girl.
8mm vintage camera app & instagram. 
for iPhone ONLY. 
selfish little... alsdf;asldkfj!!!

and now elise whom i just dearly love.. 
she's killing me too, as she's joined the band wagon.. 
i mean, just look at her video!  
and a SECOND 8mm camera app.

that makes TWO!!!
i can't even get ONE comparable on android.
it's just SO not fair.
(and totally all my hubs fault for being a pc snob!)

are you an android or a iPhone user?
i promise not to send you hate mail if you admit you are an iPhone user. maybe.
but, if you are an android user
& you have thrown a tantrum or two about how unfair life as an android user is..
here's a little bone to carry you over until android gets their crap together!

our last can of formula..

(so not buying into the idea of milk..)

(the babe's birthday invites came in the mail today)

it's (as close as i can find) the android version of instagram.
it's called molome.
i've been using it the past few days & i can't say there is ANYTHING i dislike about it.
(even though it's not technically instagram... :)
you can shoot pictures from the app, or upload from your gallery.
you can post to twitter or facebook.
(i saw some complaining about flickr or picassa, but i don't use those)

and now i'll get over myself & move on.
maybe :)
back to address birthday invites.
three weeks and my baby is ONE!


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  1. Well, if this makes you feel better, I don't even OWN a smart phone yet. Definitely feeling out of the loop. I think I need an IPhone.


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