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life: thirty one consultant

my brain is going in about 1,000 different directions these days.
most of the time i can't keep up with where it's going.

it's bouncing between..
rance's 1st birthday & party
mason starting school & all the needs that come with that
keeping up with household duties
needing fresh dinner ideas
keeping boredom at bay
staying focused on getting healthy
planning out christmas purchases
& managing our finances by making the most of a dollar.

i'm not really stressed...
but i can't seem to focus on any one thing for to long.

it's been almost a year since i worked.
and while i can't honestly say i miss working..
i miss feeling like i contribute.
i would even go as far to say i feel GUILTY about not contributing monetarily.
my dad, mom & brother.. as well as some other members of my family have this extraordinary work ethic.
i really never thought i had it.
i'll be the first to admit i'm pretty lazy, and my mom will back me up on it quickly.
but when i quit working it just felt wrong.
i felt BAD.
i mean, i felt like i placed a horrible burden on my husband.
and trust me, he's not complaining..
if anything he's absolutely rejoicing that i'm staying home.
it's all me.
we are BOTH happy that i am home with our kids...
he's VERY happy dinner is ready shortly after he comes home every night..
he's grateful that he doesn't have to help out by doing his own laundry anymore..
and he has never ONCE said he regretted our decision.
i know what we decided was best & i'm enjoying every moment as i'm sure it won't last..
but i still feel guilty.

(and isn't it funny how random comments from strangers will make you feel validated in being a stay at home mom?)

so, i did some soul searching.
some research.
i racked my brains for ideas on something i could make to sell on etsy to bring in income.
i came up with nothing.
no original idea, no real skill, no amazing product.
and then i thought back to something i had considered before.
something i seriously considered before.
and i did a little more research.
and i talked to an old highschool friend about it.
and then i talked to the hubs about it.
and i signed up for the wait list.

and then a week ago i got an invitation to start.
and the hubs and i talked some more.
and then i took the plunge.
i signed up for a new "job".

what is this new job you ask?

have you ever heard of thirty-one?
if you haven't... prepare to hear more about it from me! :)
they are a company that sells a variety of handbag/tote/organizing items, most of which can be personalized.
i've purchased from them in the past..
in fact, mason's overnight bag for visit's to nana's is from thirty-one.
the tote bag i use as a diaper bag is from thirty-one.
they are well-made & hold up wonderfully.
so, i'm selling something i believe in & use myself.
(because ya know, me selling avon or mary-kay is just ridiculous, since i don't wear make up hardly! :)

i have a website you can purchase through..
and if you are local to me (you know who you are)..
then you can have a catalog party or host a party in your home as well. 
(oh, and through august every single item in the catalog is 15% off!!)
and here's a link to a mobile catalog you can view through your smartphone or mobile device!

so, ya.
that's my new "job"
i'm excited.
i'm eager.
and i'm in super-sponge mode trying to absorb every little detail!


ps. thanks for bearing with me through the crafting 'dry' spell. i have some craft posts i'm working on from a few things we did a couple of weeks ago & hopefully a few more crafty things before school starts in 3 weeks! :)

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  1. i'm so happy for you! so happy you found the right thing for you.
    just so you contribute emensely to your household, i know you know that. don't think we don't see all you do! =)

    really hope you find much satisfaction in your new gig. =)


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