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recipe: crockpot bbq pulled pork

i should warn you...
this COULD be a bad thing..
well, maybe.. if you have a sonny's addict in the house.

what's sonny's you ask?
well, if you live anywhere in the southeastern party of the good ol' USA..
you'd know that's a bbq joint..
some swear it's the best bbq ever.
(my grandfather, a florida native, eats sonny's EVERY SINGLE NIGHT of his visits from up north)

 i am NOT one of those people..
i am also NOT the sonny's addict in the house.
after probably close to 20 years of my mama working there..
i still just 'tolerate' it.
don't get me wrong.. it's not that they have BAD bbq..
i am just not a bbq person. period.
it just doesn't do anything for me.
i'd settle for a heaping helping of pretty much anything over bbq.
(i think it's the smoke flavor honestly)
but... i do love there pulled pork.
i prefer more... latin inspired pulled pork..
but i can handle bbq pulled pork in small & infrequent doses...

and because i can't always make chicken & pasta for dinner..
(because the hubs would surely boycott my cooking on night two of that regimen)
and because i HAD to figure out what in the heck to do with the 50 (kidding) 2lb pork loins i have in the freezer from the loins the hubs cuts up into chops...
AND because crock pot meals on soccer practice nights are good..
i found this little recipe nestled in amongst other crock pot recipes on my pinterest board.
it's simple. which is good.
and has everyday, ordinary, CHEAP ingredients.
that's a triple bangarang in my book.

i have no idea where that phrase just came from.
i'm going to blame it on too many viewings of 'hook' lately

moving on..

did you know i'm NOT a food photographer/stylist?
if you didn't, you do now..
but i'm gonna go on the theory that the ugliest food, sometimes tastes the best.

just trust me okay? :)
if you are a sonny's fan.. it tastes just like their pulled pork simmered in their sweet sauce.
if you have no idea, or could care less about sonny's bbq... you will still like it.
pinky promise.

it's SO easy.
3 ingredients.
here's the link for the printable recipe.
but you REALLY won't need it.

you just pour a can of root beer over a 2 lb pork loin in a crock pot. turn it on low for 6 hrs (mine actually cooked for 10). once done, remove the loin, & drain off the root beer. put the pork back in the crock pot & shred with two forks. dump an 18 oz bottle of bbq sauce over the top, stir to combine, & give it a few minutes to warm if you had the bbq sauce in the fridge (like me). serve on buns. (have buns okay? don't be like me & scramble to find ingredients to make a quasi-acceptable bun at 730 @ night!)

our magical combination, lest you think you need primo ingredients... a .50 cent chek root beer from winn dixie & a bottle of kraft honey hickory smoked bbq sauce.
 the cheap kind. no fancy schmancy bbq sauce here.

AND if you ARE one of those sonny's addicts, well, then you can measure out
& pour 18 oz of sonny's sweet bbq sauce out of your GINORMUS bottle of bbq from sam's club.
or open up the equivalent of single serving packets you have hoarded away in a drawer in your kitchen.
'cause you KNOW you do.
(see, i have lived with addicts all my life. i know the tell tale signs!)


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  1. oh man...i can smell them from here! we here in cali LOVE bbq. i pretty much make my pulled pork the same way...which reminds me to get a roast at sams today. gonna have some rainy weather this week and i need to bust out my crock pot! thanks for sharing your love//hate relationship with bbq.
    ps: i sprinkle cheddar on my sandwiches! yuuuum!


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