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diy: homework board

 can i just start by saying.. editing photos lately has been a REAL drag.
i love picnik, but sometimes some batch editing tool would just be grand!
i'da had this thing posted monday if i had something like that..
'cause i started editing.. and then got waaay bored.

picking up the the bf's son this year from school
& we (mason, rance & i) have a good 30 minute wait for him to get out..
and OF COURSE the dude is eager to get his homework out of the way so that he can play when he gets home..
so i HAD planned on getting him a clipboard..

and that's when i heard gru from despicable me, in my head say..

i remembered this post from joy's hope on 'art on the go'.
she spray painted cookie sheets & then attached cups for markers.
i thought.. well.. why not use a cookie sheet instead of a clipboard?



ok. so hold the applause until the end.. i'm good with that too!
(kidding. of course.)

i really REALLY didn't want to spray paint the cookie sheet.
mostly because i was trying to do this with what i had on hand.
(mama spent a LITTLE more than expected on someone's first birthday party...
and soccer stuff ain't cheap.. jus' sayin'!)
so i was peachy keen when the dude said he wanted it silver.
already silver. done & done.

i tweaked julie's idea just a bit & guy'd it up for the dude..
and add a fun little tic-tac-toe board & a car scavenger hunt.

the cookie sheet homework board thing.
(no. that's not the technical name....)

-cookie sheet
-scrapbook papers
-car scavenger hunt list printed on cardstock
-mod podge
-tin (mine is old from jenni bowlin kit, you could use altoids tin)
-paint brush/foam brush
-paper trimmer
-corner rounder (optional)
-sandpaper (optional)
-hole punch

1. measure size of inside of pan. 

2. decide on paper placements & trim paper accordingly.

3. use corner rounder on paper.

4. lightly sand surface of pan. this is optional. i've mod podged on metal without sanding, & i can't say i notice a great deal of difference... just seemed like a good thing to mention :)

5. lay a coat of mod podge down on the whole of the tray.

6. lay papers down, use a credit card or bone folder to smooth out paper.

7. lay a piece of wax paper down over the top & put something to weigh down the paper while it dries.

8. use hole punch or cut out paper to go on top of magnets for tic tac toe board. mod podge onto magnets & then mod podge again over top.

9. glue magnet to bottom of tin using e6000.

10. once the tray has sat for about a 1/2 hour you can mod podge the top. i did swirls, because.. let's face it.. it's gonna have streaks no matter, may as well make it pretty :)


TA-DA!!! :)

so maybe it's a tweaked version of someone else's idea..
but we've been using it for a little over a week & it's been a big hit!

whaddya think?!

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