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currents: 10.13.2011

working on some other posts.. i know, i know.. you are so tired of hearing this.. right?
ah. it's life. :)

listening: emily anderson's play list. seriously. over and over and over again. it's like the perfect magical october soundtrack. moody & wonderful. i made my own playlist to share :) i didn't plan on loving the song 'give in to me' from the movie country strong as much as a did... but it almost breaks my heart it's so amazing!

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watching: the new girl. american horror story. vampire diaries. glee. i don't know that i've ever been glued to this many shows. ever. i heart zooey deschanel in the new girl. american horror story is strange and i can't stop watching it, it's like the scary movie that doesn't end. vampire diaries. ya.. do i have to elaborate? and glee. i can't get enough. i'm only sad true blood is over until next year :(

reading: the crowning glory of calla lily ponder. yessssss. still. i find that i'm having to really MAKE the time to read. & it's moving slowly for me..

obsessing: halloween decorations. a recipe binder. making jewelry & eliminating processed foods & chemical cleaners from my house. (more on that soon) pinterest. redecorating my home.

stressing: my house is never clean. i don't know why.. i'm home & i feel like i'm always cleaning. oh wait. i have kids. and a husband who refuses to kick his boots off at the door. christmas presents. i don't want to overload my tree with thoughtless manufactured presents.. i'd like to have a happy balance & give to those in need as well as have some handmade gifts sprinkled around.

baking or making: red velvet cookies. oreo truffles. rice crispies cupcakes. chocolate covered marshmallows. honey beer bread. garlic cheese biscuits. coffee cake muffins. honey oatmeal sandwich bread. chocolate muffins. peanut butter honey energy balls... i think that's it... :)

wanting: a pedicure. the kindle fire. to read the next book in the black dagger brotherhood. to go to the movies & eat sushi on my birthday. just a few new scrapbooking supplies.. it's been MORE than a year since i've added to my stash, i think i'm due :) & a style injection.

looking forward to: a visit to the pumpkin patch. the carnival. halloween. more soccer games. release of the breaking dawn soundtrack. breaking dawn. hand making gifts for loved ones. a fall thankful journal (can't wait to elaborate! :)

loving: pw's iced coffee recipe, paired with homemade vanilla syrup. soccer. reading scary stories to tell in the dark with the dude. spending my days with the babe.


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  1. love your list! as always, you remind me to make mine. i would so get a pedi with ya if we lived fun would that be?! so yeah, breaking dawn st, and movie next month...DYING of having to wait. my twi-girls and i have made movie dates each month leading up to breaking dawn to catch up on all the movies. so stinkin' excited!!!!! again...if we lived even relatively close. so okay, your baking and making is killin' me...oreo truffles? holy sugar coma batman!


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