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movies: fit for halloween

i'm in heaven every october.
october is a MAGICAL month for me.
aside from the fact that my birthday is in october (it's today, the 17th, if you really wanna know :)..
 i LOVE every activity that goes on.
just can't get enough of it all! decorations, parties, costumes, festivals.. ALL of it.
 i tend to lean towards the creepy/scariness of it all now that i'm older...
but i've ALWAYS loved the 'magic' of it all.
.....this may very well explain why i'm addicted to vampires.  :)

(one of my personal all time favorites... even though it's more 80s cheese than scare!)

so... it goes without saying that my dvr is chock FULL of horror flicks right now.
one of my favorite things to do in october is search & record all my favorite scary movies.
i don't know what it is, but watching them in october just makes that magical/crazy feeling bump up a notch.
so i thought i'd share a list of my all time favorite scary & not so scary halloween movies.

halloweentown II: kalabar's revenge
halloweentown high
return to halloweentown
nightmare before christmas
hocus pocus
corpse bride
edward scissorhands
ernest scared stupid
the addams family
addams family values
teen witch
harry potter movies
the haunted mansion
the witches
it's the great pumpkin, charlie brown
monster house
teen wolf
the worse witch
gremlins II

for adults:
practical magic
sleepy hollow
sweeney todd: the demon barber
ghostbusters II
halloween (remake)
the omen
the exorcist
the amityville horror
the amityville horror (remake)
rosemary's baby
nightmare on elm street
nightmare on elm street (remake)
the shining
the evil dead
rocky horror picture show
haunted honeymoon
pet cemetary
the sixth sense
the people under the stairs
the grudge
van helsing
resident evil series
the lost boys
underworld series
thir13en ghosts
the burbs
the witches of eastwick
the exorcism of emily rose
once bitten
silver bullet
american gothic
killer klowns from outer space
the prophecy
the haunting
house on haunted hill
stir of echoes
bless the child
an american haunting
2001 maniacs
dark water
the covenant
silent hill
the wicker man
30 days of night
the messengers
the reaping
the strangers
case 39
drag me to hell
the unborn
the haunting in conneticut
twilight series
queen of the damned
the rite
the haunting of molly hartley

and then there are those that i'm determined to see this year:
paranormal activity
the fright night remake
i don't do gore.
i can't handle it, for the most part.
i've only seen two of the movies from the 'saw' series, and that was two too many.
i saw hostel... and if you haven't... let's just say the ripping fingernails bit sent me over the edge.
the hills have eyes, wrong turn, etc.. ya.. can't do those either.
i can't watch 'the children of the corn'. i have, and, i can't.
something about freaky kids just puts it over the top for me.
i remember my brother could never watch 'village of the damned'... he said it was the eyes that did him in.
and WHY do they always make kids toys all creepy like in those movies?
my husband swears that those monkey's with the cymbals are possessed.
it's probably movies that keep those things off the shelf now.. along with those 'my buddy' dolls that were doomed after the 'chucky' movies.. which aren't something i'm into either.

it's a little ridiculous.. but i can't do those leprechaun movies either. had a crazy bad dream one time about that crazy freak, and enough said...

my cousin used to have this girlie little yellow frilly room.. and in the midst of her 7 year old haven, a poster of freddie kruger. scared the bejesus outta me (when i was 6) & her mom would always have to take it off the wall when i came. i think after i saw the movie i slept in the hallway of our house for a week & to this day i can't really get comfortable in a bathtub. those memories stick with you! and having seen the remake now.. i can say the original must be stuck in my 6 year old psyche because the new one didn't freak me out the least bit.

so there ya go... my halloween round up :)


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  1. doooooood! thank you so much for puttin ghtis together! i was just thinking about which movies we should DVR to watch this month. we usually like to find a marathon of The Twilight Zone but i would really love seeing Edward Scissorhands with Gibson.
    kinda in love with your new header too. makes me wanna get spooky too...hmmm.
    so nightmare on elm street movies still give me crazy scary memories. some of the scariest movies i saw as a kid. as an adult, matt and i watched blair witch and literally slept with the lights on that night (and the next night). =)
    not so much into the horror flicks anymore but still love the oldies!
    thanks again for making these're the best!


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