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embracing the camera: ferris wheel

i can't believe i'm putting this picture up here.
it's from last saturday night, at a local carnival.
a carnival i've been going to since i was a teen, probably even before that.
it's NOT fall without a trip to that carnival.
we've missed the last two years for various reasons, and i was SO happy to get to go again..
and even better.. the dude was old enough & tall enough to ride some bigger rides.
he was in heaven!

i volunteered to take him on the ferris wheel...
admist wind & bad lighting i snapped this picture.

it's blurry. it has bad lighting.
my hair is pulled back in a braid & my bangs are bobby pinned to the side of my head.
it's not a hairstyle i rock outside of the house very often.
wind + child rearing make it a neccessity as i try and wrangle kids with growing-out-bangs in tow.
(let's not forget the wonderful double chin now either... and why wasn't i smiling?)

but i'm here. i was here.
i was present & i want my kids to remember that.
too see that in something more than their minds.
and just for good measure, in the spirit of my friend steph who photos her feet wherever she goes..


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  1. (visiting from Embrace the Camera)
    Fun pics. at the carnival! I also checked out your Kids Crafts... love them!


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