this is a blog about memory keeping, funny stories & baked goods i make, and do my best not to eat. proper capitalization is always optional.


currents: 11.10.11

watching: the harry potter marathon on abc family. there is no such thing as too much harry potter. the dude said tonight before he went to bed 'ya know mama, i wish magic was real.' me to buddy, me too.

reading: just finished up the davinci code. contemplating re-reading breaking dawn until i can beg my friend yvonne's copy of the black dagger brotherhood #9 off her. then i'm back off vampire smut for a while.. ok.. so maybe not.. but i feel like i need to round out my year goal with something a little more substantial.. or just a little less embarrassing to admit you read!

eating: cherry tootsie pop. yes, i totally raided the kids halloween candy. i've successfully avoided the chocolate candy calling to me from the little pumpkins that sit there mocking me atop the fridge.. i deserve something for my efforts! (and nana keeps the boys well stocked with tootsie pops, so they will never notice!)

wanting: absolutely nothing.. :)

needing: a haircut. the purple has faded significantly.. i'm good for one more round of purple hair & then this rat's nest is getting a heavy trim. it's bad when i can't rake a brush through pin-straight hair.

stressing: over christmas gifts. and maybe not how you'd think.

obsessing: over learning how to crochet. my mother in law taught me a few stitches & terms when she was here in october & i'm having a hard time just picking a beginners project & going with it.


feeling: disappointed & frustrated. i don't understand people who live in a perpetual state of 'woe is me'. those who choose to blame others for their poor choices. who feel that deleting you from facebook will erase you from their lives completely, they seem to think you can wipe away family ties with a click of a button. it makes me so sad, but i'm tired of beating a dead horse.

anticipating: BREAKING DAWN!!! only 8 more days. and i'm so ashamed to admit to all you fellow twilighters that i have no tickets, nor concrete plans as of yet..... and.. THE MUPPETS. :)


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