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life: i have purple hair

... and it's not leftovers from a halloween costume
... and it's not a botched dye job.

i did it on purpose.
and i'm really REALLY loving it.

crazy, right?!
i know.
i've gotten more than a few looks of 'is that her real hair?' in the last few days.

that's actually exactly why i did it.
well, aside from the fact i've always wanted to dye it an outrageous color..
i did it to help teach me to get over being worried about what other people think.

because no matter what you do, someone is going to have an opinion that differs from yours..
someone is going to think you are ridiculous, or insane...
someone is going to judge you by how you look instead of who you are.

and i've lived my life far to long in fear of what someone else with think.
it's held me back from trying to support my family with my talents..
because i'm always thinking that no one is going to like what i'm doing.

and you know what?
i can handle it.
i can handle the rejection.
i can handle the difference of opinion.
not everyone is going to like what i'm doing..
and that's okay.

what's NOT okay is being too afraid to try.
sometimes even mama's got lessons to learn! :)


1 comment:

  1. I know you're above caring what other people think, but for the record... I LOVE IT!!!!

    And re: your comment about Halloween and Christmas on my blog... you are the yin to my holiday yang. How about you keep doing the big Halloween love and I'll keep going crazy at Christmas and we'll balance each other out.

    For the millionth time, I wish we lived closer. Ugh!


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