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recipe: shirley temple cupcakes

so you know how crazy busy  life can get & then in the blink of an eye a week has passed?
that's how i feel today.
i can't believe it's monday.
...a week later monday to be exact.

last week:
-re-dyed my hair purple (it fades fairly quickly)
-rance had his first illness, a double ear infection.
-i made my first ever, from-my-own-imagination crockpot meal (recipe to follow soon)
-we had our last soccer practice of the season
-i introduced mason to space camp (the totally-awesome-80's-movie)
-i finished 'crowning glory of calla lily ponder' & hit my goal of 24 books for the year
-i started reading 'little women', to surpass my goal of 24 books for the year.
-i went to the midnight premiere of breaking dawn with 3 of my favorite people
 & 2 of my favorite teenagers :)
-i came down with a 24 hr bug
-mason had his last soccer game of the season & got his first trophy ever.
-i baked goodies for my cousin's bridal shower
-i saw breaking dawn AGAIN with 2 of the same favorites from the midnight premiere.
-i spent time with family & laughed my butt off.

that's the spread at my cousin lisa's bridal shower.
i am responsible for the dessert (minus the bundt cake), along with a little help from my mom on the piping job.
my other cousin (who is ALSO a lisa) put together a beautiful table & party.

it was my first shot at 'girly' treats for a grown up party
& i was pretty excited about how they turned out!
the party throwing lisa is a graphic designer
& she made me up some graphics to match the invites she designed.
& i made up the cupcake toppers.

i pinned them awhile back, and when she called me up & asked me to contribute i went to my boards for 'pink inspiration'.
they were SO moist & SO good..
very mild cherry flavor, but still very good.

here's a link to the recipe from 'the curvy carrot'.

with thanksgiving this week, there is no sign off life slowing down either..
here's to a busy life, that even with it's twists & turns & ups & downs,
is SO worth it! :)


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  1. Please, please can I come to the next party you throw? Pretty please? You pay such close attention to the important details. These look delicious. Love the liners!


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