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movies: the christmas list

i swear the span of time between thanksgiving and december 1st gets shorter every year.
it's like that short week goes into warp speed..
and then from there life is in fast forward until january 1st when everything slows down again.
can you relate?

i didn't finish my advent calender... heck i couldn't even decide on one (still can't.)
i dragged my feet on whether or not to purchase an 'elf on the shelf'...
but nana picked up my slack, because without my knowing it, she picked one up herself!
(nana's are the best! :)
so i'll at least have some elf pictures for you..

i sorta kinda debated on doing a december daily.
truth. i've started two in the last 5 years, and haven't finished a single one.
it's just too overwhelming for me, with all the holiday festivities.
so i'm not guilting myself over it, i'll just enjoy everyone else's! :)
it'll just free me up for some more christmas crafts & baking!

i get just as excited about christmas movies as i do halloween movies.
because there are some GREAT christmas movies.
but i own not a single one on dvd, nor vhs (yep. still have one of those)
1. abc family hosts almost all of our favorites on their 25 days of christmas.
2. we own a dvr.
3. i'm cheap.

so i've searched & set our dvr to record over the next two weeks..
and since it took a little time to gather our favorites..
i figured i'd share the list with you.
i DID NOT however, link each movie like i did at halloween.
it took forever to do that, and i got a tree to decorate here people! :)

for the whole family:
mickey's once upon a christmas
mickey's twice upon a christmas
dr. seuss's how the grinch stole christmas
how the grinch stole christmas
a christmas story (my favorite and a MUST see on christmas day tbs ALL DAY!)
rudolph the red nosed reindeer
rudolph's shiny new year
frosty the snowman
the miser brothers christmas
the year without santa claus
jack frost
rudolph & frosty's christmas in july
frosty's winter wonderland
home alone 1 & 2 & 3
disney's a christmas carol
polar express
elf (i should say. i am not a fan. but i'm outnumbered so i included it :)
ernest saves christmas
mickey's christmas carol
the nightmare before christmas
santa claus: the movie
the santa clause 1, 2 & 3
a charlie brown christmas
a chipmunk christmas
a muppet family christmas

for the grownups:
it's a wonderful life
the shop around the corner
the family stone
national lampoon's christmas vacation
scrooged (my brother's personal favorite!)
christmas with the kranks
deck the halls
dutch (another of my brother's favorites!)
four christmases
die hard (sorry had to slip that one in there, you know i'm a fan of bruce!!)
fred claus
the holiday
love, actually
snow 2: brain freeze
bridget jones' diary
ghostbusters II
edward scissorhands

i  know there are dozens more.. these are just our/mine favorites! if i've missed one you think we need to add to our list, please feel free to leave it in the comments! :)



  1. we started setting the dvr as well, love this list! i'd only say that you left out Miracle on 34th Street, but no biggie! a christmas story and the polar express are the number ones around our house...for sure!!! RALPHIE!!!
    can't wait to see how you decorate. and how you use your new elf buddy. i considered it but then realized i am committed to my advent calendar and my december daily and mama couldn't do one more thing. you get it.
    i am promising to take december slow, if you figure out a way to do this before me...let me know, k?
    hugs to my girl!

  2. I haven't seen half of the adult movies. Can we still be friends? Will you forgive me? :)


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