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scrapbooking: the vampire edition.

if you know what is comes out in 12 days, then this post is for you!
waaay back in 2008 i was COMPLETELY obsessed with twilight.
believe it or not, i'm not quite as obsessed now as i was then, although i still enjoy it.
it's something that my scrapbooking friends & i bonded over.
twilight was my introduction into the world of vampire smut, ehem.. romance.
and the first books i had read in the three years since giving birth to the dude.

so. what do scrapbookers do?
we document.
report. relive & retell our stories.
and i did A LOT of twilight scrapbooking in 2008.
i thought it only appropriate to share some with you as we count down to the beginning of the 'end'!

(that'd be obsessive cullen disorder.... :)

(don't the movies have THE best soundtracks?!)

this next one would be about my vampire obsession altogether.
i don't think i've ever stuck so many pictures down on one page.

and because no 'vampire' post is complete with out eric northman...
i've included these pages as well :)
i felt like that picture of eric in sookies dream was just too darn small in the above layout...
i scrapped it again :)
because there is NO SUCH THING  as too much eric.

the girls & i have this insane obsession with the line 'oh sexxxxyyy girlfriend!' from sixteen candles.
we chant long duck dong & other brat pack quotes non-stop.
(much to the dismay & confusion of some of our OLDER scrap-mates)
could have something to do with the late night crazies & excessive starbucks...
so one night..
probably a LATE night that included me donning an eye patch, or drawing something on my face...
i put together this gem of a page... :)

are you a twilighter?
are you sookie fan?
are you a vampire diaries watcher?

it's not a edward vs. eric vs. damon in this house..
we are all about the more the merrier.
(although if forced i'd throw the others over for mr. northman in a heartbeat!!)
did you catch the knock to twilight in the first vampire diaries episode way back when?

what are your twilight plans?
are you a midnight watcher?
i saw twilight 7 times. 4 within the first 3 days.
i saw new moon twice.
and eclipse once.
(all in the theater of course)
i've only been to one midnight viewing.
and i can't wait for november 18th to roll around! :)

happy sunday!!


  1. I'm a twilight fan. I have a 17 year old daughter who has been into from the beginning and got me hooked. I read the books in a FLASH.. LOL. It's funny you talk about quoting 80's teen movies. Me and my daughter do what we call TWALKING.. lol. We quote Twilight and the other movies all the time. It seems there is really no situation in which we cannot Twalk.. lol. I love love your projects. I saw Breaking Dawn twice in two days.. yikes, I'm obsesesed. The first was the midnight showing with my daughter, the other was me and may girlfriend almost sneaking in whitout the 17 yr. old in tow, we felt so naughty.. LOL.

  2. PS. YES, they do have the best soundtracks.. Twilight is def. my favorite, Eclipse my second.


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