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halloween: 2011

i am under no delusions that i will always be able to get them in 'theme' with each other..
but i'm going to embrace it while i can :)

when mason decided he wanted to be harry potter,
i knew right away i wanted to make rance hedwig, harry's snowy owl.

i absolutely love putting together costumes..
and the older mason gets, the harder it is to convince him to let me do so..
he always wants an EXACT duplicate of whatever it is he wants to be.
(such a little stickler for details!)

(i love moments like these!)

in a situation that i'm sure is a result of karma..
his wand disappeared into the house a week before halloween.
(a few weeks ago he wacked my aunt with it)
we spent a good portion of sunday really SEARCHING for it.
i'm convinced house elves made off with it.

we had no luck in finding it..
so on monday morning i decided to make him one.
'cause you REALLY can't be harry potter if you don't have a wand!
i used this tutorial i found on pinterest.
30 minutes later & even i was pretty impressed with how it came together!

after being bummed about his missing wand,
even mr. stickler couldn't believe i had MADE his new wand.
and from a sheet of paper no less!

as for this little guy..
his costume was inspired by several different versions of owl costumes across the web.
i wasn't planning on posting a tutorial on how i did it, so i don't have pictures of the process..
but here's a quick rundown..

for the body:
i bought a $2 white onesie from the clearance rack at target.
i had some leftover white fabric &
 i purchased a fat quarter of fabric from joanns of a piece of white with black circles.
i drew a elongated wide scallop shape on a piece of cardstock & cut it out.
traced it on the white & the patterned fabric over & over & over again
 & then cut them out.
started at the bottom & laid my 'feather's out & hot glued them down at the straight part of the shape..
leaving the bottom loose to 'ruffle'.

for the pants, i bought a set of women's knee length socks & used this tutorial.

for the hat:
i bought a grey beanie from the dollar spot at target
cut out circles from the left over white & printed fabric.
sewed on white buttons
cut out a little triangle from gold felt
it looked a little bla, so i added a few left over feathers around the eyes..
 & hot glued it all to the hat.

mason was so excited everyone knew he was & kept calling him harry potter.
my mom (like most mom's) kept bragging on me every time someone complimented rance's costume.
(which seemed like everyone!)
no one could believe his pants were really socks! :)

we went trick or treating with my cousin's family..
this is their little girl.
the phrase 'she's a pistol' applies SO well to this little one.
full of personality!
we didn't even pose her, she just hitched her thumbs in her pockets! :)

this may be my favorite halloween picture of all time.
and i'm not sure why. i just love it.
and if you look REALLY close you can see the marks of the first scar i drew..
because mr. stickler made me draw it three times to get it right.
and that revlon lipstain. it STAINS.. had to rub off a layer of skin in between drawings!!

that's about the best photo i could get with the three of them.
one was ready to trick or treat.
one just wanted to walk.
and one was just trying to get everyone to listen to her for a minute :)

and i said i wasn't going to do it, but i am..
i'm crossing 'celebrity sighting while trick or treating' off my bucket list..
we totally trick or treated at john travolta & kelly preston's house.
(one of them anyways)
and while i wasn't star struck like some of the others around us where.
i'm just amazed that in the po-dunk town i live in..
my kids got candy put in their buckets by kelly preston dressed up as a witch.
(and no, i didn't get a picture!)

hope you had a great halloween! :)

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  1. You did a fabulous job on the costumes!!! I love the pics. Mason is growing up so fast...he looks so old in the pics. And Mr. Rance, well he is totally adorable. Can't wait to see you Friday!!!

  2. St is out of control awesome. The costumes, the kids, the photos. I love it all. Mason is killing me with cuteness in those glasses. You.are.awesome! Sorry about the weird split posts. Don't know what's going on.


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