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sunday review: post christmas edition

i hope everyone had a wonderful holiday..
we sure did..
aside from an aunt with severe abdominal pain who couldn't eat..
and an another aunt who chopped a piece off the tip of her thumb cooking christmas dinner...
i felt a little sad last night, knowing it was all over for another year..
and, let's be honest.. i'm not looking forward to going back to reality.
the hubs has been home for the last 8 days
& while there were a few times i wanted to send him outside with the dude so i could clean..
it's been nice!

1. the nice thing about the about the hubs being home.. breakfast cooked (and then there is the mess afterwards ;).
2. mr. bells hanging out in the dude's room to make sure he kept his room clean.
3. the hubs outside throwing the football with the dude & next door neighbor kids.
4. hubs makes a late night strawberry smoothie for us.
5. mr. bells sent us a video from santa telling the dude he needed to work a little harder to get on the nice list.
6. the babe is a lollipop lover! (airheads makes a lollipop with a plastic stick.. otherwise he gets to the end & tries to cram the whole stick in his mouth!!)
7. uncle ricky & aunt shea bought the dude some super fluffy camo slippers & he LOVES them.. is always bringing them to me to put on him.
8. shopping. at micheals. ALONE. another benefit of the hubs being home!! :)

9. mr. bells was jailed by the evil penguin.
10. babe's first publix cookie... he was covered in chocolate but totally enjoyed it!
11. candied bacon. yessssss....
12. chocolate chip & candied bacon cookies.. oh yea.. you heard me right!
13. more bacon.. this time for bacon jam.
14. last minute from a box (blech!!) cupcakes & icing. totally improvised the less than stellar last minute decorations.. whatever!
15. cousins! addison & aubrey are sisters.. and then the babe & the dude. my cousin the biggest sports fan i know ended up with two little princess daughters.!!
16. annual christmas eve family get together.. the numbers keep dwindling & the faces keep changing.. but we keep it going.. 

17. the babe & the dude in their pj's christmas eve with papa... papa teasing rance by sticking his thumb in his mouth..
18. the 'bacon basket' or 'basket o' bacon'... a gift for my dad & aunt. bacon salt. chocolate chip & candied bacon cookies. candied bacon butter. bacon jam. (last year was chocolate covered bacon & i needed to up the anty)
19. i about went into shock when i unwrapped my parents gift. a silhoutte cameo. that's what i get for telling my mom about it & suggesting we go into together on it! she's so sneaky! i am BEYOND grateful & totally undeserving.. but she's already put in her first order for custom vinyl.. so i'm guessing she had this all planned out!
20. my gift from stephen...a kindle fire. a TOTAL surprise. we had talked about tablets, but for the dude.. then we decided to wait another year or two. i have always wanted a e-reader... but haven't really expressed it to him.. so i was in shock. and.... i totally cried. a big ugly boo-hoo. thankful & so undeserving.
21. mason got star wars operation from nana & papa & it was a lot harder than he thought it'd be.. and i learned that it was (at least this version) a lot easier than i remembered it being. speaks volumes about fine motor skills & aging! 
22. another family christmas dinner. my dad had some cousins from his mother's side visiting & my cousin who i haven't seen in years (she lives in LA) were there. it was great to catch up with them & hang out in person with people i stalk on facebook! :)  

the hubs goes back to work tomorrow like i said...
and i'm hoping once the year winds down to get started on some new goals
& some new home dec projects..
i hope to pop in between now & 2012!! :)


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  1. i love seeing your festivities! what a super fun month you've had. all your elf shenanigans and freaking food! ohhhh. so funny, you put christmas lights up in mason's room too? gibson loves them and keeps them up all year (until they burn out of course.)
    i'm so excited for your new toys...can't wait to see what you make with your sill. oh yeah, you're gonna be on fi-ya!

    and seriously...a michael's trip alone is pure heaven...but you know this!


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