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books: southern fraud series, sister-to-sister series, of witches and warlock series

hi, there.
how are you?
i'm good. very good, actually.

i'm lost in thought in that place that seems to reside between december 31st and about the 5th of january. you know what i'm talking about? that place everyone seems to gravitate towards to reflect upon the last years triumphs & tragedies. you're there too, huh?

i have my 2012 word. i'm letting it seep into my pores & psyche before i share it, although, if you follow me on pinterest, you may already have an idea as to what it is :) i am trying to put together my thoughts on it before i share it though. it's a word that has been growing closer & closer to my heart over the last few years.

in the mean time, i've been reading. a lot. A LOT. my kindle fire is an obsession. my husband teases he regrets buying it for me, but it's given him remote control for the first time in years (aside from game days), and secretly i think he's enjoying it, though he'd NEVER admit it.

the instant my kindle was up & running i was searching through the free books to download all the classics i wanted to read... then i went through all the books that were $2.99 or less. and i ended up with 4 books that i thoroughly enjoyed & paid about $2.99 for total, one of which was borrowed.

'Absolute Liability'
 not my favorite of the four, but an easy who-done-it read in the fashion of 'murder, she wrote'.
the next book is due out sometime this year & i'm definitely going to pick it up to see how the character progresses.

'Stuck in the Middle'
 i just finished tonight. another free first from amazon, the other two books are just a few dollars & i'm certainly going to pick them up. (or download them.. i should say.. I LOVE MY KINDLE) a heartwarming story about three sisters, centering particularly on the middle child, who is 25, and stuck in her life. i don't want to give too much away. but i laughed & i cried & i laughed some more. it does speak about religion, but i didn't find it too preachy, and it's totally worth the read.

'The Trouble with Spells'
 free to download & it sucked me right in. ya, big surprise right? paranormal romance. it's actually a 'young adult' book. someone in the reviews described the two characters as rivaling edward & bella.... i'm going to duck for cover & say that i may like vance & portia more. i know you twilight fans are probably shooting death stares at me right now.. but it was a good read i'd recommend to any young readers.

'The Demon Kiss'
sequel to the above book... i think what i like is the action. the magic progresses at a believable rate, while the romance doesn't. i can handle all the 'i love you's' but knowing this is a young readers book, it sorta bothers me that it's such an all-consuming love. but, i liked the book & am totally ready to jump into the next one..

i tried & tried to get through 'northanger abbey'. i'm like 1/3 of the way in & half the time i just felt like i didn't even know what the heck was going on... whether the story was progressing or if austen was lecturing me. (did you see 'becoming jane'... i felt like the guy sitting through her short.. ha... story) so i decided to put it down & try to come back to it later.

hopefully the end of this week brings about some clarity of thought & some new blogs.. see ya then!


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