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book: charlotte figg takes over paradise

we are just 26 days into the new year, and already i have 8 books under my belt.
i'm pretty proud of myself.
even if say, 5 of those books are young adult paranormal romance books.
it's still 8 books.
and to be honest, i'm kinda over the paranormal stuff right now.
i can't put my finger on why..
but i need books that are real right now.
books about real people, doing real things, overcoming real life.
i need real right now, even if it's hard.
even if the stories break my heart.
i need to hear them.
i need to be changed by them.

ever feel that way?
maybe it's just me.
i want to read 'the help' so badly,
but i'm still saving my amazon gift card for those dang design a project life page protectors.
until then, i'm still on the free ebook trip.
but you know what, it's not so bad.

i just finished 'charlotte figg takes over paradise' last night.
and i'm telling ya, it's running a close second to 'maids of misfortune' for the front runner in favorites.
but i guess as they are entirely different books, they can both occupy the numero uno spot for now.

i'm a big fannie flagg fan.
i bet you are familiar with her work, even if you haven't read a book.
she wrote 'fried green tomatoes'.
and as with everything else, the book is SO much better.

but this cover drew me in because i'm a fannie flagg fan.
promises of a quirky cast of characters suckered me from the get go.
and i wasn't disappointed. at all.

i don't want to give too much away.. but let me say this:
charlotte figg's husband, unexpectedly drops dead, and a stray dog named lucky claims her as his own. one day lucky brings home the neighbors mail, and as charlotte thumbs through it she happens upon a magazine with an advertisement for a double wide trailer for sale in a place called 'paradise'. she makes up her mind to purchase the trailer sight-unseen & that's where the story takes off.
charlotte finds herself in a world she never expected, living a life she never dreamed... and oddly it's exactly where she needed to be. she lands among a community of people who didn't know they needed her & somewhere in the midst of everyday life she overcomes a past she didn't really know was haunting her.

it's an amazing story. a funny, sometimes wacky story about a community of people with scars. some you see, and some you don't... and how they bond together.

totally worth the read, if you are asking me.


what are you reading right now?
are you on good reads? if so.. friend me so i can follow your reads! :)


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