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products i love: the lightscoop

so, remember when i said i hated that i wasn't taking everyday-happenings pictures as much?
well.. this is why.

despite the cute face & diaper-clad bottom...
this picture is horrible.
this is my living room.
the place were we most 'live'.
it has one window on the front wall, horrible ambient lighting by the front door..
and that's it for light sources..
oh, in less you want to count the sliding glass door on the back wall & the dining room fixture...
but in terms of taking pictures.. it may as well be dark in my house.

and i may have not have mentioned this before..
but i hate my pop up flash.
or i did. i should say.
i am not lucky enough to own an external flash that can rotate.
nor do i own a flash diffuser.
i got nothing fancy to take care of poor lighting folks.
but what i do have is a lightscoop.

and it has changed my feelings about my pop up flash, i'm telling ya.

(that's my one crummy window right there..)

now this is what a picture looks like taken in my house.
flashy flash. washed out skin. looks like & is a crappy snapshot.
i don't know about you, but crappy pictures do NOT inspire me to scrapbook.
or preserve those memories in photos for that matter...
they usually make me dive right for the delete button.

but take a look at this.

same settings. (ie. auto.. i know i know)
same crappy lighting situation.
the difference?
i put the lightscoop on my camera to diffuse the flash this time.
and while it may not be professional quality..
i'm telling you, it's a HUGE improvement.
i can lighten it up in a photo editing program & actually have a decent picture.
(this is totally unedited out of the camera)

i am NOT being paid by the people at lightscoop to rave about their product.
i AM telling you, that if you are a regular stay at home mama, with regular camera equipment, and sub-par lighting situations.. this item will CHANGE your life.
(okay, maybe that's a little drastic..)

the best part is the price.
i don't know about you, but an external flash for my camera would run me upwards of $100.
tack on the cost of a flash diffuser & you got yourself another $10-30 bucks.
as a one income family, and a hobby photographer..
i can't see dropping that kinda money into a flash.
the lightscoop is $29.95.
that to me, is so worth the results you get.
it's lightweight & portable.

(photo source)

you just slip it on the top of your camera.
it works by bouncing your pop up flash off the ceiling to create a soft glow on your subject.
i have cathedral ceilings & it still works well.
(it DOES not work outside, as there is no surface to reflect off of)
there are two options. standard & warming.
i have the standard.
it fits SEVERAL camera bodies.. just check to make sure yours is on the list.
it is well worth it people.
well worth it. the words of forrest gump.
'that's all i have to say about that'


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  1. very cute pictures! :D
    he's adorable.
    You're making me want a lightscoop! lol.


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