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project life: free printables

i totally jumped on the project life bandwagon.
it's funny, when i became a stay at home mom, i was SO sure i was going to have more time to scrap.
all i have is more time to find dirt in every nook & cranny of my house...
and then to watch it sit for a week as i mop milk from the same spots over & over again...
(or more accurately wipe, cause who can mop with a babe running around?!)

anyway.. like i was saying.. i was so sure i was going to have more time..
but it seems like with two kids, and cleaning, and kid corralling & soccer, & cooking.. etc...etc..
i have even less time than before..
i have exactly 3 pages scrapbooked from 2011.
and that's totally unacceptable!!

but marcy penner gave me hope & turned me onto project life.
i've watched her blog as she's posted pages over the last year..
watched as she tucked in pieces of memorabilia here & there..
the tag from a new shirt.. a piece from a card game..
and i was totally captivated by it all.
and then i noticed ali edwards was doing it too..
and i just couldn't help but be envious of how they had SO many pictures of the day to day of life.
and it made me realize how LITTLE i had been picking up my ACTUAL camera.
because, i used to be all about the everyday moments..
and i had been letting them slide by....

so, i knew when 2012 rolled around i was hopping on the project life train.
annnnnndddd then they sold out of the page protectors i wanted.
talk about a major sadface.
but... i've been working steadily on collecting items & jotting down notes regardless.
i've got my first week put together
& i'm sitting down to pull together photos & goods from the last two weeks today..
& i'm ordering copies of some free printables i found online from staples
 (because my home printer is a P.O.S)
and i thought i'd share the collection i had found thus far with you!

all of these are free printables from their respectable owners.
please follow the links below the photos for each download! :)

(action 2012 by erica hernandez @ two peas)
(days of the week @ creativity prompt)

(memories start here @ design editor)

(printable library, graph & notecards @ the creative place)

(DIY library card @ will knit for cake)
(recently reading @ pluckymomo)

 plucky momo has freebie fridays for project lifers! :)

(grid journaling cards @ pieced papers)
(days of the week @ yellow umbrella designs)

(days of the week @ cathy zielske's blog)

(live free: love life @ digital art by mt)

(days of the week @ a vegas girl at heart)
soooo... i'm hoping to snatch up some design A pages from amazon as soon as they come in..
i'm stalking it everyday.. even if mrs. higgins claims they won't be in until february..
because i just know all those other people waiting are going to snatch them out from under me if i don't order as soon as they are listed..
(paranoid much, ya think?!)
and then hopefully, HOPEFULLY, i'll have some pages to post once a week..
until then all my little scraps & snippets are being stored in folders..
that are SO not as fun to look at.
fo' sho!

happy monday! :)

ps. i'm embarking on a culinary adventure this afternoon.. wish me luck...!! :) and if my labors are fruitful, i may just have something yummy to post for you tomorrow too! imagine that.. two posts in one week.. can you handle it?! :) 


  1. Holy awesome free printables batman! Thank you for finding and sharing these...I'm always on the hunt but now I've got your post to refer to! So happy your a project're gonna freking love it. And it's totally like scrapping...just on a sorta mini scale.hope you get your page protectors soon...I'm almost tempted to send you a few to get started!!!!
    Enjoy and have's totally no pressure! Oh and you'd better post about your progress!

  2. Fantastic!! Thanks so much for the printables!
    And yes I totally get the whole not having time thing! I've gone from working full time with one bub to SAHM to four kids! Life is hectic and totally missing the small things! My camera now lives on the kitchen bench and about to purchase my project life folder and sleeves :)


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