this is a blog about memory keeping, funny stories & baked goods i make, and do my best not to eat. proper capitalization is always optional.


currents: 2.22.12

eating: lunch. dannon pure yogurt. cocoa roasted almonds. sweet potato chips. apple.
drinking: water. lots & lots of water.
making: mr&mrs tags for a cousin's upcoming wedding.
thinking: life is far too short to worry about what your tattoo's will look like when you are 80.
wanting: a pedicure.
needing: dressy sandals & funky jewelry for the wedding.
loving: sweet potatoes. chips. baked. fries. can't get enough!
wondering: how long it will take for my crafty mojo to return.
anticipating: the delivery of my project life goods. should be here by the end of this week! yea!!
watching: discovery channel. i have a weird obsession with this channel + natgeo right now.
reading: finished 'at the sign of the sugarplum', 'uneasy spirits' & 'the darkest whisper' in the last few days. still reading 'farm girl' here & there.. it doesn't read like a book, it's more like snippets of life, so i put the kindle app on my phone & have been reading it when i get a few moments here & there while out.

i have a lot on my mental plate right now. worries mostly. things that make me so unproductive & retreat into books when i can't get my mind off of them. i feel soo indecisive about everything & it's making me nuts. my heart is just so heavy, i am doing my best to get through the everyday tasks.. i can't seem to get even those things done well. thankfully the kids haven't starved, and everyone has clean clothes.

kidding. sort of.

thanks for sticking through the dry spells.

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  1. No mojo is a-no-good-boss! But it will come back...promise! I go thru many phases like this and I know it totally feels like a funk. I know your worries are ruling all your emotions and that so okay. It's better NOT to stuff them. Go get lost in your stories, it okay.
    I'm glad you did a currents list...did it feel good? Keep your chin up buttercup! And don't stalk the ups guy too much...hehe!!!!!!!


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