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books: lords of the underworld

i've decided that there are some serious upsides to the kindle.
while i miss the heft of a book, and turning the pages...
there is totally an upside in the cover not giving me away.

... ya. the dude totally calls me out on the vampire books.
whichever ones they may be...
he knows the twilight covers..
and the sookie covers are pretty much a dead giveaway (har har. dead)
and i had to hide away the covers while reading the black dagger brotherhood.
mostly from the dude, but also from the hubs.. because he totally makes fun of me.

and ya.. i think i've sunk to an all time low.
i got the first book in this series & was like huh, okay.. it's free i'll give it a try..
it wasn't until i went back to get the second book that i noticed the (HQN) next to the titles.
HQN? i asked myself.. what the heck does that...
yep. harlequin. as in romance.
as in those books ladies hide in the grocery aisles with, covered in pictures of steamy couples intertwined.
his long hair blowing in the wind, big poofy shirt hung open.. her draped all over him like a bad accident.
harlequin romance.
i sorta hung my head in shame when i realized it.
then i purchased the next book & said, oh well! no looking back now.

i figured diving into a harlequin romance series was only appropriate given it's february.
ya know, the month of L O V E...
so, another confession.
i am reading harlequin romance.
(why is that so embarassing?)

in truth.. i'm actually fascinated by the story line.
i know i'll likely not convince you.. but it's the truth.
i wasn't lying when i said i was kinda over vampires, and witches & the like..
but the 'lords of the underworld' while paranormal, is something totally different.
it revolves around greek mythology, something that's always fascinated me.
(i took every religion class offered at the local community college, so that says a lot right?)
anyways, with out giving too much away..

(how would i explain these covers to the dude?! i wouldn't EVER want to!!!)

there was a group of warriors who were the guardians of the greek gods a loong time ago.
a female warrior, pandora, was chosen to guard a box that contained several of the most evil demons.
yep, pandora's box, a box made from the bones of the goddess of oppression.
the male warriors (and one female) were ticked off that a female was chosen for such a task.
so in revenge, they set the demons free, to prove how unworthy she was.
they had plans to collect the demons & again imprison them..
only the box went missing during the scuffle, and as punishment, each of the warriors was forced to imprison a demon within their own body...... for all time.

like i said. pretty interesting.
if you like greek mythology.
or....ahem.. harlequin romance novels...... ya.
still so lame sounding.
oh well ;)


ps. are you on goodreads? if so- add me! :)
pss. if it's at all redeeming, i just finished up another one in the 'southern fraud series' & am moving onto a book called 'farm girl' that's supposedly for people who liked little house on the prairie... no? oh well i tried! :)

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