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inspiration: time lapse stitchery

is stitchery even a word?
if not, i'm claiming it is.
i've got nothing this weeks folks..
and no it's not because my nose is stuck in a book (or two, or four)

saw this today on the urban threads blog & had to share.
i love stuff like this.
makes me feel like ignoring the dishes & making something.
too bad i'm in the absorb mode & not in the output mode of creating.
ebb & flow my friends.

video from love&asandwich.

hope you have a great weekend..
i'm looking forward to a date night with the hubs.
dinner & a movie. no kids.
it's been a looong while
well, not counting the super lame-o christmas party for work he drags me to every year, and i'm NOT counting it.
i'm still debating wether i want to torture him with a chick flick (one for the money) or indulge in some vampire (underworld: awakening)
time will tell! :)


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