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quoting: andy warhol

via pinterest

i am my own worst enemy when it comes to creating.
i judge myself so harshly, then get discouraged & quit.
it's incredibly frustrating.
i'm a perpetual perfectionist when it comes to some things.
some things i just can't let go of.

i think there is a quote somewhere about comparison being the thief of joy.
i think it's also responsible for my dearly departed inspiration.
pinterest is good. but it is evil, as well.
when you constantly compare yourself to others..
or when your ideas get tangled up with something you saw somewhere else.
it's tragic.

so, i've tried taking a step back from the internet.
pinterest specifically.
i'm still using it for cues on clean eating..
but i've tried to withdraw from the crafting part.

the daily walks have done wonders for clearing my head of the jumble
& bringing ideas to the surface.
no music. no outside influences.
just me, the babe & nature.

i'm not trying to force anything specific.
i'm just reveling in the everyday.
how everyday something little changes about the babe
 (like how he's learned to open the doors on his own)
or how much the dude's face has matured in a few short months.
or how it's possible, with a few stolen moments, to find that tug & pull of a new relationship..
with one that's almost 12 years old.

i'm letting all those little things that we tend to push past on a daily basis..
slip into my heart & warm it.
and it's amazing how those little moments will work their magic on everything about your life.
i'm thinking project life has a whole lot to do with it all.
and i'm so grateful!


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