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my life: 12 on 12.

i didn't really plan to join in..
but on monday morning i picked up my phone & it was 7:12am.
and that just set off the day.
so every hour after that, at 12 minutes past, i snapped a picture.

7:12 signing forms for the dude for a school conference about the gifted program.

8:12 washing dishes & cleaning up the kitchen.

9:12 putting the babe down for a nap.. a little earlier than normal, but he was ready.

10:12 editing pictures on picnik for my post that day on project life. 

11:12 trying out the new Zumba 2 for wii the hubs picked up for me.

(i took a 12:12 picture.. but decided against sharing it) 

1:12 dropping off a prescription for the dude.

2:12 sitting in carline to pick up the dude.
 rance sacked out because he didn't get a good nap earlier in the day. 

3:12 making beer bread & putting dinner in the crockpot.

4:12 watching glee & folding laundry.

(i apparently missed 5:12, likely because i was after mason to get dressed for soccer)

6:12 @ soccer practice. trying to keep rance entertained.

7:12 soccer practice over, and now i have to wait on the boys to decide they are finished goofing off!

8:12 dinner. buffalo chicken soup & beer bread.

ahh so interesting my life.
sometimes it seems as if i don't get much accomplished in a day..
but looking at this, i guess i get a little more done than i imagined.

i am thinking i may do this again next month.. maybe :)


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  1. Wow you had such a busy day!!!


  2. To me, your life looks awesome! All the little details that make up your seeing inside your world.


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