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april: 12 on 12

hi there.
remember me?

i've been absent for what seems like forever.
and while some of my time away has been good..
there is always the time away that's less than desirable.

but i'm not gonna talk about that.
i participated in the 12 on 12 again..
mostly to try to get myself out of a rut.
not sure it helped, but i enjoyed snapping my day.
(i like looking back and seeing how my routine goes, not that i actually HAVE one)

anyways, it seemed appropriate to come back a month later & post my 12 on 12.
so here they are!

8: rance eating breakfast. granola + milk + mickey mouse clubhouse.

9: post breakfast teeth cleaning.

10: getting the babe dressed for the dude's awards ceremony.

11: driving to the school.
(while my hand is freakishly pale in real life.. it's not THIS bad.)

12: principals award for all E's (the A equivalent in k-2)
& the citizenship award for good behavior & actions towards others.

1: sneaking in some time for project life while the babe takes a late nap.

2: surfing pinterest for dinner inspiration.

3: my favorite glass + ice cold water.

4: time on the wii for a successful semester.
it's always lego pirates of the caribbean these days.

5: chicken spinach salad for dinner.

6: dad's home.
please avert your eyes from the beautiful finger smudged & dirt speckled windows!

7: bath time for the babe.
hijacked his brother's new green lantern for a dip.

and there ya have it.
i actually have some other things to share.
maybe i'll get around to it this week?
... and maybe not.

either way, thanks for hanging with me.


ps. all photos taken with instagram.. did you know it's on ANDROID now?!

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