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diy: glow in the dark easter egg hunt

so... i know easter is long gone until next year.
but i still wanted to share this incredibly fun idea we did this year.
& turned it into an outdoor party for 11 littles...

and EVERYONE says they can't wait until next year.

(picture taken by my friend mindy)

we had a glow in the dark easter egg hunt.
it was SO much fun.
each parent chipped in eggs, glow sticks & candy for their kids
& we bought pizza to feed the littles while we stuffed eggs.

(picture taken by my friend mindy)

here's some advice we learned along the way:

-buy the BIG eggs, but don't buy them from the dollar store
(the small eggs won't hold everything without tape, and the dollar store brand won't stay shut)

-the best eggs were the BIG ones from big lots & walmart.

-to get your glow on, buy bulk packs of glow in the dark bracelets
(found at walmart, & the dollar store all for $1)

-SAVE the bracelet connectors!!!
(the kids are going to want to wear every glow thing they take out of the eggs)

-get small-ish candies, too big & you won't have room for the bracelet.

-make sure you turn off your sprinkler system
(because when you set the under 2 crowd out to hunt in the bushes close to the house, they are going to FREAK when they get sprayed by water in the dark!!)

in the end it took us longer to stuff the eggs than it took for the kids to find them.
but every single kid LOVED it.
from the youngest (which was rance) to the oldest (which was mason)
even the parents were excited with the glow in the dark eggs! in florida..
it's much more fun to run after your kid in the dark for chocolate hidden in glow in the dark eggs,
than in the 90 degree, full sun heat that leaves them boo-hooing when the crack open their egg to a mushy chocolate mess.
trust me.

the ONLY down side is it's a little difficult to get cute egg-hunting pictures.
sometimes you gotta settle for the memories
(and your friend's un-blurry pre-hunt pictures!)

we are most definitely having a second annual glow in the dark easter egg hunt next year.
the dude is already asking for it!



  1. You are so creative Kristy! Such a fun mom!

  2. how amazingly awesome! and i love all your after-thoughts...


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