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project life: week seven

and onto week seven!
i'm telling you once i put my mind to getting it down & moving on..
it all came together so quickly..

you may be noticing a theme.. or a trend i should say.
each week i pick two colors & try to stick with those to accent my pictures.
along with white/kraft/gray cardstock.
just what works for me. :)

here's week seven:

insert this week.
front side is the card i got for the hubs for valentine's day
(inside reads: OH! I remember! Because you put up with me!)
and the back the dude's class picture from school.
(i didn't include a picture of it, because i'm too lazy to blur out all the faces!)

and here's the spread without the insert.
the babe with his lovey.
the dude singing dynamite in the car.
a dove wrapper.
making valentine's treats.
the babe in the sink
mcd's indulgence
& the dude reading captain underpants.

i'm loving the most that i'm getting use out of soo much stuff that's been stuck in my stash FOREVER, like this ticket stub. 

cut up a piece of dear lizzy paper i'd been saving.
i love the paper, but i can't seem to work it into my stuff much!

and another piece that's been in my stash forever..
this heart doily.. i totally love it!

two little hearts the dude cut up for me.
shopping @ sam's club
another rance rambling.. and another stash item with that american crafts chipboard shape.

my friend steph has THE coolest bags for her scrapbooking store..
i always see people hack 'em up for their scrapbooking..
i finally got to cut one up & include it in my own stuff!

and that's week seven. :)
loving this spread.
i may have said that already though!

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