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instagram: lunch is

i used to pride myself on being good about catching those 'little moments' in life.
the dude sleeping on the couch with a car on his face,
the way he silently played outside by himself..
and now (much like ANY silence from him)
that tendency to snap often everyday has dwindled.
i started to notice it as i was catching up on project life.

so i thought in may i'd do the fatmumslim photo a day.
figured then at least no matter what i'd have 7 days worth of pictures.
i think i got to day.. i dunno.. 8 & the prompt was pink.
i kinda thought to myself 'wth am i supposed to snap for that?!'
anyone who knows me, knows i'm so NOT a pink girl.
best i came up with was baby piggies..
but as this is MY kid's piggies we are talking about..
they are OBVIOUSLY waaaayyy more white than pink.

so, ya.. that's when i lost steam with that little jaunt into photo a day.
the prompts became increasingly difficult for me
partly because i kept forgetting about them..
and also because if i couldn't come up with something to snap right away, i lost interest.

don't get me wrong..
i still think it's a great idea..
but it just doesn't work for me.
i don't really care to capture a smell i love in my project life.
(mostly because i snapped a picture of my husbands cologne that makes me swoon.. and.. ya i don't really want to put that on paper.. i mean my blog is one thing.. but family scrapbook my dad may look at.. that's a whole 'nother story!)

because my life is fairly mundane
(which is how i like it, cause interesting usually involves ANOTHER busted lip for the babe & the dude screaming because there is a crime-scene worthy amount of blood all over the floor!
i seriously think this kid is going for the record for consecutive busted lips, this is his 3rd in about 5 weeks)

wait.. where was i?
(i get sidetracked easily these days.. )
yea, so my life isn't that photo-worthy most days.
not unless you wanna see my sweat drenched brow
or the million & one crumbs i sweep up
or the carline, which frankly, i'm even tired of seeing..
so the one semi-interesting thing i have in my day is lunch.
not that i do any kind of spectacular thing..
but to me, seeing what people eat for lunch is interesting enough.
i get ideas for 'everyday foods'

my lunch mostly consists of  either leftovers or fresh fruits/vegetables.
reading and/or blogging.
i've gotten into the habit of snapping pictures of it..
mostly because it's my own little carved out time for me.
(well until the dude is out for summer)
i put the babe down for a nap...
jump on the elliptical for a half hour..
then stuff my face & read.
it's sheer heaven on the backporch.
my heaven anyways..
even if it's so humid i feel like i'm standing in a sweat box,
& it's hotter than three shades of hell.

(lunch is: shrimp with tomatoes & feta, water & tess of the d'ubervilles)

so i thought about possibly asking you to join in my little adventure.
snap a picture of your lunch surroundings/activities.
at work, at home, in your car.
whatever 'lunch is' to you, snap it.
i'm on instagram... kristylynn79.
(duh, i bitched about it not being on android long enough i should be right?!)
i'm private, but just shoot me a follow request
&i'll follow ya back :)
so snap that 'lunch is' picture & upload it.
tag it with #lunchis

(lunch is: leftover lasagna soup, water & abraham lincoln vampire hunter)
i hope you'll join in.
like really really really hope.

(lunch is: turkey taco salad with gluten free tortilla chips, water, spotify & a new blog post)


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  1. Love this...I have tried so hard to do the photo a day challenge and just can't seem to pull it together. I would take pics of lunch but I eat the same thing everyday. Yes, the same thing. So i don't think that would be interesting enough...but I am following you and I love to see what is happening in your life. And you about made me pee my pants I was laughing so hard reading your post. You def have the gift of words.


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