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book: abraham lincoln vampire hunter

don't worry, you read that right.
if you are one of the few people who doesn't already know about this book..
let me just say the obvious..
it's about abraham lincoln.. who is in fact a vampire hunter.

i'm pretty sure everyone here is aware of how hopelessly obsessed i am with all things vampire.
(i think i mention it, or it feels that way anyway)
but i'm also a total history nerd.
as in, upon exiting high school i was SURE i was either going to teach high school american history
OR work in a history museum.
the first one got veto'd when i realized that high school wasn't an experience i cared to EVER repeat..
and the second dream kicked the bucket when i decided that i didn't want to live in a big city.

but back to the book.
when i saw this title a few months back, i KNEW it had to be read.
i mean, i was sort of crazy obsessed with abraham lincoln..
(still am if i'm completely honest)
so i tried to pick it up at the second hand book store last year on the cheap.
no such luck.. apparently EVERYONE was reading it.
(or no one was cashing it in..)
i didn't want to shell out the dough for it full price..
and i am a horrible library book borrower
(as in, i'm pretty sure i still have $20 worth of late fees from 1998 hanging around)
plus i'm one of those people who likes to HAVE the books they read.
so i waited patiently for it to come down in price on the kindle.
& a few weeks ago it finally dropped to $7.99.
i snatched it up & couldn't wait to read it.

i should warn you...
if you can't forgive some artistic liberties,
this book is probably not for you.
the author embellishes on lincoln's actual life (obviously)
and weaves in some pretty believable story lines.
it's essentially a story that spans lincoln's entire life.
starting with his birth
& (not to ruin the surprise) ending with his assassination.
it's composed mostly of journaling snippets from lincoln's own diary.
with the blanks & back stories filled in by the author.
it's pretty quick-tempo'd in my opinion.
and NOT like ANY of the vampire-sympathetic books i've read in the past.

there are no sparkling brooding vampires.
no steamy human-vampire relations.
the vampires are the bad guys.
and they are the very worst kind of bad guys.

and what has me even more excited?
it's being made into a movie!

and what is even better than it being made into a movie?
the fact that it's being directed by tim burton!

we saw an extended trailer last sunday while watching, funny enough,
another vampire movie, by tim burton, 'dark shadows'.

i can NOT wait.
have you read the book? you should!
will you see the movie? i don't normally go for the 3d movies.. but i may have to make an exception on this one!


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