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recipe: creamy baked chicken taquitos

your eyes are not decieving you.
this makes three posts in three days..
can i get a woot! woot!

<insert awkward silence>

alright then. moving on.
so i scored another home run in the dinner department last night
& thought i'd share.
seems i've been on roll as of late.

saturday night was buttermilk biscuits & sausage gravy per the hubs request
courtesy of the other lady in his life... mrs. paula deen.

monday night was this becker bbq shrimp recipe via budget bytes.

and last night it was creamy baked chicken taquitos via chef in training.
i didn't make enough changes to the recipe that i feel comfortable re posting it here,
so just follow the link to get it please :)

i will tell you this. i cooked my chicken in the crockpot on high for 4 hours with some chicken broth.
i removed them & as i started into shredding them with forks,
remembered the method i saw on pinterest.
i loaded the chicken into the mixer & in LESS than 10 seconds they were completely shredded.
people, it is SO worth the few extra dishes not to have to shred that stuff by hand!

i subbed regular salsa for green salsa.
i subbed garlic powder for minced garlic.
i didn't have any limes, cilantro or green onions, so those all got left out.
i also used regular white sharp cheddar in place of the mexican cheese.

even with all that, my guys DEVOURED these.
the hubs was worried when he sat down...
which he normally is when i cook something new.. (it's mostly an act to give me a hard time)
he ate about half of one, and said 'okay, are you going to tell me what's in it now?!'
so i spilled the beans & then asked him if he liked them.
he said, 'ya.. actually they are REALLY good.'

DUH?! i made them :)
he's had taquitos before.. i've just never attempted them myself.
and the dude was quite clear he wasn't eating chicken with cream cheese.
so i lied & told him i left it out because he didn't want to eat it.
after he inhaled his first one, i let the cat outta the bag.
to which he replied 'oh ya, silly me, it's blue cheese i don't like!'

my only advice, if you are a novice taquito maker like me..
as they cook, the insides gush out the ends..
and if you OVER stuff, the shell will explode before it's hardened..
so go with small lines of the mixture, that don't spread quite to the end.
lesson learned on this end for next time :)

what are you up to today?
it's still raining around these parts, and we are going absolutely stir crazy.
i'm off to look up indoor activities to keep these kids happy & outta my hair!

happy wednesday!

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  1. That shredded chicken trick has saved me hours of work. It is definitely worth dirtying up the big mixer. Thank you, Pinterest.


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