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currently: 10.2.12

it's the most wonderful time of the year!!!!!

no, i don't have my seasons mixed up.
you can keep christmas.. give me halloween... give me october... give me fall.
and contrary to popular belief.. october is RAD for so many more reasons that just because it contains my birthday.

orange & black.
smells of apples & caramel & fall.
school carnivals.
craft shows.
corn mazes.
haunted mazes.
pumpkin patches.
piles of hay to jump in.
scary movies.
trick or treating.
the list goes on & on.

i don't have high hopes for getting much in the way of crafting done in october. i'm being realistic. we have every weekend from now until the end of the month jam packed with soccer games & other fun stuff. i can hardly contain my excitement!!! :)

i'm going to do my currents in pictures this time.. just to mix it up a bit. if you follow me on instagram, you've likely already seen these.. so hang in there :)

my reaction to getting the iphone 5 would be more akin to someone suffering from shock than say someone screaming at the top of their lungs in excitement. when the hubs told me we were switching carriers & that he pre-ordered me an iphone as an early birthday present, i was speechless. and fortunately, even though our pre-ordered item didn't come in at best buy, we were able to scoop one up from radio shack on the day of release.
i am in love.

soccer is back in full swing.. our first game & opening ceremony was this past weekend. we moved up a division to U10, and the field & goals are bigger, along with some of the players.. we lost our first game, but the kids did well considering. it was a scorching 90 something degrees with sweltering humidity that made every article of clothing i had on stick to me in every way imaginable. it was completely disgusting, and only 9am!

these curls are the source of much debate these days. i'm starting to get hounded about getting him a haircut, and even though i am NOT a fan of long hair on boys.. i can't seem to bring myself to cut off these sweet curls. the only thing nudging me these days is the temperature, because his little head is always matted with these precious curls when we leave soccer practice at night..

trying to appreciate and embrace these two for who they are right now. sometimes they just make me scream in my head. the dude with his 1000 +1 questions, and the babe with his 'mama mama mama' on repeat. sometimes in the heat of the moment i lose my cool with them, but when i remind myself they are imperfect little humans, i remind myself i'm imperfect too.

the thumb sucking & 'ludie' (lovie) toting has increased substantially lately, so i've tried to give him extra hugs. i know his little mind is working hard to process all the world around him, seems he made need some increased mama love these days...
i spent all last week making these sweet treats for an event a friend was having at her scrapbooking store. 19 boxes of cereal, 38 bags of marshmallows, 4 1/2lbs of butter, 2lbs of chocolate, 28 hours & 263 treats later i am happy to be done! :)

i bought running shoes. first time in my life i bought sneakers for a purpose other than something to put on my feet to go out in. i was so stressed about buying the right kind of shoe, like that'd make running easier.. i hesitate to put this out there.. but my goal is to run a 5k sometime in the next year.

and this was at the end of my first day of couch to 5k. today. i'm not sure if i'm more surprised at my having finished it, without giving up, or the fact i drag my butt outta bed at 6am to do it. i almost chickened out when i walked out my door & it was still pitch black. i contemplated the voice in the back of my head that said it wasn't a good idea for a woman to go out running in the dark.. and then i told myself no excuses, find a way.. so i stayed on my street, and only ran/walk in the 1/2 mile or so between my house & the last lighted house on the street, always staying in the light, looping back on myself like it was a track.

and that's what's currently up with me.. what about you?

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