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music monday: bruno mars

i've decided to try and persuade myself to get back into blogging.
i've been blogging since 2006, and it seems to ebb & flow, this blogging drive.
i reinvented my blog in 2010, intent on providing craft tutorials & recipes.
convinced i wanted to be apart of mommy-bloggers everywhere.
but the truth is.. i'm not a mommy blogger.
and i can't afford to do a craft every week.
i don't always have great things to say.
i sometimes repeat the same meals over & over every week much to my husband's dismay.

and since there is facebook, and instagram, and project life...
sometimes i feel like i'm repeating the same things soo many times, i get bored.

i get bored easy sometimes.

and especially since project life has come into my life i feel like if i don't spend every free moment on that
i'm incredibly behind.
i have HIGH hopes of being caught up by the end of the year.
at 20 something weeks behind.. i better get a move on it.

but i have decided to implement a schedule for myself..
because i seem to do better when i have one.
project life, cleaning, blogging, etc.
so here goes nothing.
no promises.. just good intentions.

mondays will be music mondays..
because it's easy to post a video, type a few lines & get on with my day.

so here's my first music monday video.
bruno mars: locked out of heaven.
saw it on SNL & fell instantly in love.
if you like it, you should google his SNL performance.
his band is awesome. a throw back to the big brass bands of the 50s & 60s.

happy monday!

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